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PaySpace Loads a new MD onto the Payroll

PaySpace, the leader in true cloud-based Payroll and Human Capital Management Software, has appointed Sandra Crous (née Swanepoel) as its new Managing Director, effective 1 April 2019.   Crous has, over many years in the industry, made a name for herself in the Payroll sector, driven by a passion for technology that made her an ideal candidate for the position [...]

Your Payroll Provider Might be Compliant, but are they Honest and Transparent?

By Warren van Wyk, Director at PaySpace Payroll and HR   Today, more and more businesses are confidently outsourcing business functions, or parts thereof to service providers whom they trust to do the job faster, more affordably, and more effectively than they can themselves. Payroll and HR is no exception to the trend, and a whopping 47% of US and [...]

ISO 27001 Certification Announcement

Data security is high on the agenda for businesses of any size in this fast-moving digital age, and when it’s your business’ (or employees’) personal data that needs safeguarding, the urgency for best-practice security measures are paramount when selecting internal systems. At PaySpace, we have always been convinced that when a client trusts us to fulfil their payroll and human [...]

Payroll For Start-Ups

  Payroll-for-the-African-Start-Up-by-PaySpace Process your weekly and monthly payrolls, generate payslips and tax certificates in the African country of your choice. Our payroll specialists have the know-how and expertise to guide your business with the local service you require and the advanced technology you need to manage and grow your payroll. #ThinkCloud #ThinkPaySpace Click Here to visit Start-Up Payroll Page