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Keeping your payroll data safe from attackers

Cyber-security is near the top of all CIOs’ priority list today, and for good reason. Successful attacks, particularly ones that expose personal data, can have severe consequences for businesses, including massive regulatory fines, and incalculable loss of reputation. Even worse, a recent article by BroadbandSearch, revealed several alarming cyber-crime statistics for 2019, including that there have been over 1000 data breaches, exposing [...]

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Solving compliance issues in Africa

Business in Africa is booming thanks to slew of new investment opportunities, and companies around the world are eyeing the continent as an attractive prospect to expand their businesses into new markets. In fact, a report by Deloitte showed that the African economy is expected to grow by 7.7 per cent annually, between 2014 and 2019, roughly double the rate [...]

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Making the right decision to benefit from true Cloud applications

Many don’t understand the similarities and differences between web hosting and cloud computing, and while some believe they are one and the same thing, this isn’t the case. Sure, they are both hosted off-premise and can be accessed remotely through an internet connection, but that is where it stops. The major difference between the two is the cloud’s multi-tenancy, which [...]

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