Putting an end to the abuse of absence and sick leave

Presented by Andrew Levy

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Sick and tired of employees who are never there? A cure is at hand!

Every employer has them, and every employer is ill with the cost and the inconvenience arising from the misuse and abuse of sick leave. This practical morning workshop will guide you through the aches and pains you suffer from abuse of leave of any sort and show you how to treat the causes of this dread disease that attacks your productivity and profits.

Do you feel ill when you think of employees who are never there?

Are you suffering from an overdose of dodgy medical certificates?

Is bad timekeeping infecting your business?

You need to see a specialist – Let Dr Andrew Levy make you feel better!

Key takeaways from the Absenteeism Seminar

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Who should attend the Absenteeism Seminar?

Attending the absenteeism seminar is just what the doctor ordered – it is a prescription for all the aches and pains of absenteeism and attendance. Attending this seminar will make you feel better.

About Andrew Levy

Your guide to the world of managing leave and its abuse is Andrew Levy, South Africa’s leading labour resource for over 40 years. If you attended any of Andrew’s recent seminars, you would know what to expect and just how practical and enjoyable these sessions are. Learning can be fun and help you with solutions to your employment problems. Andrew shares the skills and gives you the confidence to implement the answers, which is why Andrew has been South Africa’s leading labour resource for nearly 40 years!

With Masters degrees in Labour Economics and Labour Law he consults to a wide range of organisations on the management of labour relations, specialising in wage strategy and strike management and providing his clients with unique strategic advice, insight and direction.

Andrew Levy has developed and refined expertise and methodologies within the labour market since 1979. Over the past forty years, Andrew Levy Employment has built a reputation and presence as a thought leader and commentator on both local and international labour market and employment relations.

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