BCEA Seminar 2022

Presented by Andrew Levy

A BCEA seminar presented with payroll and HR professionals in mind.

Practical, sound knowledge of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and relevant aspects of the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Equity Act is essential for all payroll and HR professionals. It is crucial to correctly understand how the BCEA governs all the day-to-day aspects of the employment relationship and how the additional elements of the LRA and EEA impact the work of payroll and HR professionals.

By swiftly identifying and dealing with typically occurring issues that employees present during employment, meaningful savings in time and resources are attainable. We have carefully combed the legislation and identified the most problematic areas. Practical tips and advice will be covered in the webinar to help you manage these areas.

Using the BCEA as a starting point, we will cover the key areas that every payroll and HR professional needs to deal with, including working hours, overtime, statutory leave provisions, medical certificates, notice periods and payments on termination. More importantly, we deal with the twists, turns, and tricky questions arising from these aspects of labour law.

The webinar is aimed at all payroll and HR professionals and will polish the skills of the experienced professionals, bringing them up to date with the latest developments and giving confidence to those newly appointed in the field. In addition, we will impart knowledge and increase the value of the contribution that the payroll or HR function provides.

This session will be practical and informative, based on examples from case law, showing how to apply legal principles to real-world examples.

Key takeaways from the BCEA Seminar

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Who should attend the BCEA Seminar?

About Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy is one of South Africa’s best known labour resources, and a highly respected author, commentator and seminar presenter with experience spanning four decades.

He has acted as an arbitrator on various panels and was one of the founding CCMA commissioners.

With Masters degrees in Labour Economics and Labour Law he consults to a wide range of organisations on the management of labour relations, specialising in wage strategy and strike management and providing his clients with unique strategic advice, insight and direction.

Andrew Levy has developed and refined expertise and methodologies within the labour market since 1979. Over the past forty years, Andrew Levy Employment has built a reputation and presence as a thought leader and commentator on both local and international labour market and employment relations.

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