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The pros and cons of digital tax in Africa

Digital connectivity is transforming how many African companies and governments are doing business. As more countries bring their financial services online, digital tax returns are becoming more common. South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Kenya were all early adopters and now offer quite advanced online tax submission services. One of the main benefits of online tax [...]

Develop an efficient leave management system in 5 steps

Managing employee leave can be an onerous task. Requests come through constantly and someone has to respond to them, make sure that staff don’t all take leave on the same days and record the various dates in the company’s payroll system. The leave management process at many companies still involves paperwork: employees have to print [...]

Two common payroll outsourcing issues – and how to avoid them

There are many good reasons to outsource your payroll. A robust, global solution can help companies simplify the process of managing their payroll in multiple locations. Instead of having to source and manage various service providers in each location, your HR and procurement team only needs to manage one contract. This reduces the administrative burden [...]

What is digital HR – and how do you implement it?

The Deloitte 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report identified digital HR as a top trend in the human capital space. But what is digital HR, and what does this trend mean for your business? As businesses increasingly digitise their processes, HR departments are being called upon to lead the way. This means that HR leaders [...]

How to calculate payroll taxes correctly

With tax season in full swing, employers and payroll managers are very likely feeling the pressure. Your approach to calculating payroll taxes over the past year will impact whether your employees have problems when they submit their returns. Many South Africans are extra nervous about this year’s tax season. SARS is under fire for tax [...]

How to combat payroll fraud in Africa – download this free eBook now!

Payroll fraud occurs in 27% of businesses worldwide Payroll fraud is becoming more and more of a threat to organisations across all sectors in Africa, affecting companies and governments alike. HR processes such as leave administration, sales commission, and new employee verification are all susceptible to fraud – especially when processes are managed manually. A [...]

Four HR and payroll tips for managing millennials in the workplace

Companies around the globe are experiencing an influx of millennials. These young people can bring lots of benefits to the workplace; they are highly creative, ambitious and productive team workers. However, managing millennials in the workplace is often challenging as this generation is quite unlike any that has come before it. According to research from [...]

Three tips to optimise your performance appraisal process

The performance appraisal process is no longer simply an investigation into whether an employee is doing their job. It’s a two-way conversation that seeks to improve, not merely manage, employee productivity. There are several reasons behind this shift. Today’s world of work has changed how a business functions and what an employee needs – and [...]

Small business payroll management: 5 tips to get rid of that payroll headache

The growth of the South African economy is inextricably linked to the success of our small businesses. But what exactly constitutes a small business? The Banking Association of South Africa defines a small business as any entity with 50 employees and an annual total turnover of between R3m and R32m – depending on the sector in [...]

Four benefits of payroll software – why it’s time to automate your admin

Managing payroll can be a time consuming, laborious task. Especially if you’re relying on outdated tools like Excel to do all the work. Excel spreadsheets rely on manual updates to stay relevant and these data capturing tasks are repetitive, tedious and prone to human error. Given the administrative headache of manual payroll processes, many large [...]