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Download the payroll compliance guide to doing business in Africa

Is your company interested in expanding its operations across Africa? The continent’s economic growth presents some attractive business opportunities and many multinationals are taking notice. However, Africa is home to 54 countries, and each one is a potential minefield of challenges ranging from language to legislation. The success of your expansion plans depends on a [...]

Four benefits of payroll outsourcing

Are you still managing your payroll in-house? You might think this gives you greater control and oversight but new technologies now offer far more sophisticated outsourcing solutions. In fact, payroll outsourcing can save you valuable time and money – and keep your business operations compliant across multiple locations. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of [...]

Cloud readiness assessment – are you ready to migrate?

Why undertake a cloud migration? There are several excellent reasons. The benefits of cloud-based software are many and varied: it makes information easier to access, it updates automatically, and it makes your IT systems more transparent and visible to the relevant members of staff. But the why of migrating often isn’t the question – it’s: [...]

Five ways to achieve payroll compliance in Africa

When companies expand into Africa, they typically have excellent intentions. Sure, they want to advance their financial interest, but they also want to create jobs for locals, contribute to their communities, and – perhaps most importantly – follow the letter of the law precisely and without compromise. But this is easier said than done. Payroll [...]

The benefits of cloud based payroll for your business

Managing your company’s payroll doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare. The bigger the enterprise though, the more onerous the job is. Payroll managers at multi-national organisations have to pay close attention to a variety of factors like local legislation and regulatory requirements – as well as be available to employees across various time zones. [...]

A tax year end checklist for a stress-free first quarter

The 2016/17 tax year end deadline is fast approaching for many businesses. This can be a stressful time for your company’s finance departments and payroll managers. The right tax year end checklist can help you simplify the process and avoid any administrative delays – or headaches. To ensure a smooth tax year end, here are [...]

African expat payroll – how to achieve legislative compliance

As Africa’s economy strengthens, the continent is attracting multi-nationals from all corners of the globe looking to benefit from this growth. Expanding your business into these new territories is an exciting yet challenging endeavour. To establish new offices as quickly and efficiently as possible, most companies will send some of their existing employees out to [...]

Why your African business needs self-service payroll

In today’s competitive market, businesses are constantly striving to do things more efficiently as this usually translates into increased profit. Which is why it’s somewhat surprising, that many companies are still approaching payroll and HR processes in the same way they did 10 years ago. The modern business world is increasingly focused on achieving more [...]

Six tips for hassle-free December leave management

The last quarter of the year is always busy with businesses rushing to get as much as possible done before the December shutdown period begins. December is also a very popular holiday season which means that on top of everything else, you have to to manage a flood of employee leave requests. Leave management doesn’t [...]

Enabling Payroll and HR: The Secret to African Growth

Whether you’re a start-up with one employee, or a global business with hundreds, addressing employee payroll needs can be a time intensive job, especially when dealing with multiple tax territories and international compliance procedures. PaySpace’s Clyde van Wyk considers why limited legacy infrastructure and new automation technology means expansion into Africa, a continent with 54 countries and 54 different sets of payroll rules, doesn’t have to be a painful process.