How to Combat Payroll Fraud in Africa with Technology

Payroll fraud occurs in 27% of all businesses around the world and poses an increasingly significant threat to businesses and local governments in Africa. In South Africa alone, this form of fraud costs companies more than cash-in-transit heists.

Modern technology and cloud payroll software can help combat payroll schemes by improving transparency and efficiency in the workplace. However, are cloud-based technologies a feasible solution to roll-out across the continent when digital infrastructure is still lacking in some countries?

We took a closer look at the problem of payroll fraud in Africa and found a solution.

How To Prevent Payroll Fraud,

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“Combat Payroll Fraud in Africa”

How Can PaySpace Help?

Automated maintenance of country-specific legislative rules.

Country specific legislative reports are available as standard delivered reports.

PaySpace is built around a single employee record so the system uses the same information for every interaction. There is no need to manually duplicate employee information across multiple disparate systems or embark on expensive, time-consuming integration projects to sync data periodically.

Real-time changes provide a single source of truth.

Built-in audit, monitoring and user access security profiles coupled with business process workflows ensure the capability to meet and monitor attainment of the most demanding governance standards.