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Join payroll expert Rob Cooper
for an important payroll event.

Important changes have been made recently to payroll-related legislation that is complex and difficult to understand, making them difficult to apply correctly.

To help you to take advantage of the changes and to avoid becoming non-compliant, this morning’s webinar will explain the following topics in detail, using examples to give you a clear understanding of the requirements and how to apply them.

Key takeaways from the seminar

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Who should attend the Payroll Tax Ready Seminar?

About Rob Cooper

Rob is a founding member of the PAGSA, a body that represents the payroll industry in discussions with the statutory bodies.

As chairman of the PAGSA, his focus over the past 30 years has been on the diverse legislation that governs the employment and payroll industry.

He is held in high regard as an employment tax expert and is a respected writer and presenter at tax seminars and workshops around the country.

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