The 2022 PaySpace Mid-Year Payroll Tax Seminar

Presented by Rob Cooper

There are many changes to employment-related payroll legislation moving through the amendment cycle towards implementation in September 2022.

The 2022 July Draft Tax amendment bill has been tabled and will surely introduce new changes that will soon be promulgated as final legislation.  At this stage, the final changes are not yet available.  Join us to understand how these changes will affect your companies and the Mid-Year Tax Submission for 2022.

Key takeaways from the seminar

RSA Employer Filing Season

Who should attend the Payroll Tax Ready Seminar?

About Rob Cooper

Rob is a founding member of the PAGSA, a body that represents the payroll industry in discussions with the statutory bodies.

As chairman of the PAGSA, his focus over the past 30 years has been on the diverse legislation that governs the employment and payroll industry.

He is held in high regard as an employment tax expert and is a respected writer and presenter at tax seminars and workshops around the country.

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