PaySpace Product and Module Options

PaySpace offers 3 product editions based on your requirements, visually see a product comparison of each edition in table below.

Basic Payroll & HR
Any Size Business
Over 65 Industries
5 Languages
New Employee Onboarding Workflow
Basic Leave Administration
Accurate Reports to Relevant Authoroties
Lite Features Plus:
Leave Administration Workflow: Basic Workflow Approval
Employee Self Service
Access on any Device
Premier Features Plus:
Multi-Currency Features
Advanced Multi-Level Workflow
Robust Reporting with Consolidated Reports
End-to-end Payroll Processing
Multi-National Payroll Options
37 African Countries
Payroll Specialists
Any Size Business
Any Industry
Service Credit Matric

You can also expand any one of your PaySpace product editions with the following powerful module add-ons:

Performance Management
Create your own company appraisal processes
Create company key performance indicators
Create an unlimited number of appraisal templates
Create your own scales that are relevant to a specific areas or questions
Automated 360 degree evaluations
Managers are able to view all raters' feedback
Employees as well as managers are able to log entries throughout the year
Log goals and create development plans
Complete history of an employee's appraisals
Cloud Analytics
Interpret workforce data
Analyse key workforce measures
Consolidate multiple legal entities and pay frequencies
Analyse payroll figures across multiple countries
Build evidence-based business cases
Identify trends, anomalies and hot-spots
Create your own charts and tables
Share dashboard objects with your colleagues
Search across all your data to get the big picture
Org Charts
Automate your Charts
Import data directly
Click once to automatically synchronise
Scalable and Secure
Publish & Share
Support and Upgrades Included
Workforce Planning
Estimate the impact of internal position changes on the financial budget
Quantify and demonstrate the business value of new headcount
Align hiring with strategic direction of the organization
Setup recruitment plans based on headcount forecasts
Account for every job using a unique job number for each headcount
Include external labour broker costs