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This month’s Newsletter will focus on Bonus Tax Spread / Run Management / Payroll Shutdown Process, and Public Holidays for 2023.

Bonus Tax Spread (South Africa / Namibia)

Employees may select to spread the tax on a guaranteed bonus over the tax year. This should ideally be processed in March and will result in employees being taxed on a monthly portion of the bonus instead of paying all the tax in the month of bonus payout.

With December 2022 nearing, we encourage you to check your Bonus Tax Spread setups to ensure that process of payouts are done timeously and efficiently. Please consider the following to ensure a smooth payout:

  • There are 2 options
    • Tax can be spread until the Bonus is paid or
    • Tax can be spread over the Tax Year
  • If your Tax Spread has not been set up prior to December 2022, the tax will not be spread and will be recovered in full for December 2022, when the bonus is paid.
  • If the provision is cancelled before the end of the provision period and the bonus has not yet been paid, the tax already paid on the provision will be refunded, and no bonus payout will be made in December.
  • To ensure a payout is made where applicable:
    – Check your employees recurring screen to ensure the setup is as expected and the pay date is set for
             December 2022.
    – The check box to pay the Bonus Tax Spread is ticked.
  • Any issues can be directed to [email protected]
Opening Closed Runs

When processing payroll and changes are needed to payroll periods in a closed status, be mindful of the following options prior to opening closed runs with payments made on your Declarations.

  • If you want to open the previous month’s run, it would be advisable to open the run prior to the 7th of the following month, as financials have not been finalised, and payments have not been made on monthly declarations to SARS.
  • There is always a risk with opening runs that are in closed status, and financials have been declared. When opening a closed run, you run the risk of financials changing, which could impact payments made to SARS on your EMP201 declaration.
  • Instead, creating an interim run attached to your last closed run to process your changes would be advisable.
  • If your interim run is created prior to the monthly main run for a specific period, tick the below option to ensure the tax calculates correctly on the interim run.
    Navigate to Payroll Cycle > Payslip Pay Dates > If you would like to add a new interim run, click here.

  • It is not advisable to change run setups if there are payslips and financials recorded. Instead, create a new frequency to accommodate the new dates.
  • Runs cannot be deleted if there are financials recorded.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] to assist you.

Shutdown Process for December 2022

Should you have a Company Shutdown over December 2022 / January 2023, PaySpace does cater for payments over this period.

See the example below for reference on Leave Payout.

On Payroll Components, search for ‘Shutdown‘ to see the components available over Shutdown.

Step 1

  • Leave Shutdown Component – Use this component if the employees are on leave from the current open run.
  • Leave shutdown in advance – Use this component if the employees are on leave from the next open run.

Step 2

  • Add a note component that calculates after the leave pay weeks to create the shutdown calculation, i.e. Early Storage.
  • Edit the storage component and override formula.
  • In the override formula, Java Script needs to be applied. This will ensure that the leave shutdown calculation is only activated when leave pay weeks have been posted on the employee’s payslip.

Step 3

  • Once the leave shutdown has been updated, the relevant components that need to calculate during the shutdown period can be updated.

If you need assistance with the setup, this may require a consultation. Please reach out to [email protected]

Public Holidays

The Public Holidays for the 2023 Year have been successfully added to the system.


Below are a few videos that might be helpful:

Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Support Talk Newsletter. With the successful roll-out last month covering important topics, we focus on PAYE Employer Interim Reconciliation in this month’s edition.

South Africa: PAYE Employer Interim Reconciliation

With the Bi-Annual Tax Filing season 2022/23 deadline fast approaching, we encourage you to finalise your submission before the deadline for submission of 31 October 2022.


Need help with Bi-Annual submission? We have created the following videos to assist you with your Bi-Annual submission:

Extended Support Hours

We have extended our support hours to assist you with finalising your submission. Our support consultants will be available, for extended support, on the following days:

  • Saturday 29 October 08h00 to 12h00
  • Monday 31 October till 19h00

Bi-Annual Submission Checklist

We have published a Payspace-Do_it_yourself_guide_2022 to assist you with the process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free submission.

Book an expert to assist

To minimise the pressure of finalising your submission, you can always book a consultant to assist you with the submission process. Should this be the option that best suits your needs, please click here.

Did you know?

We have created a section in our “How can we help” page where you can view all the latest news per country.

These changes might not be promulgated yet or still need to be verified/clarified with our advisors before being implemented on the system. However, we have found value in sharing this information with customers so that they know about changes coming.

In other instances, there is important compliance news that customers should be aware of, even though it does not result in a system change.

Navigate to “How can we help” via your profile picture at the top right > Click on PaySpace Wisdom listed as one of the menu options at the bottom > Click on Compliance News.

It is vital to visit the Compliance News regularly to stay updated with the latest news from the Compliance Team.

System Navigation

Exciting new enhancements to system navigation have been released.

  • New way to change between companies and frequencies
  • New next/previous buttons added on employee screens.

To find out more, please watch this short video.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Support Talk Newsletter, bringing you monthly reminders and updates within the Support space.

South Africa: PAYE Employer Interim Reconciliation

With the opening of Bi-Annual Tax Filing Season 2022/23, we encourage you to work through your payrolls and be prepared for your Bi-Annual Submission process.

Below are a few steps to assist in preparation for your submission process:

  • Update your [email protected] software with the latest [email protected] software update.
    Log into [email protected] and check that you have done a backup before installing the latest available version.
  • The submission period for the Bi-Annual Tax Filing season 2022/23 Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) is 19 September 2022 to 31 October 2022.
  • For a comprehensive Bi-Annual Submission checklist / Do It Yourself Guide, please download the Bi-Annual Submission guide that details guidelines on how to finalise your payroll, upload your files and complete your submission successfully.
  • We have extended our support hours to assist you with finalising your submission. Our support consultants will be available on:
    Saturday 22 October 08h00 to 12h00
    Saturday 29 October 08h00 to 12h00
    Monday 31 October till 19h00
  • We have an updated database of articles to assist with your submission process that is accessible at your convenience. To view, open PaySpace; on the top right corner, click on your name > How We Can Help > at the bottom, select PaySpace Wisdom > Knowledge Base > FAQs > Bi-Annual Submission.
  • How do I import a Test File?
  • How to make an [email protected] backup.
  • [email protected] Error – ‘Code 3810/3860 Is Not Allowed If Code 4493 (4474) Is Specified.’
  • Book your seat for the upcoming Mid-Year Payroll Tax Seminar Wednesday, 28 September 2022. The agenda includes Long Service Awards, Variable Remuneration, Paragraph 2(2B), and Tax Certificates.
  • We are delighted to announce Mid-Year Tax Submission Workshops to assist with your training needs on the Bi-Annual Submission process. Click on the link for more information.
  • If you are preparing for your first submission, let us assist you with a one-on-one consultation. Please log a ticket with our Professional Services team.

Employment Equity Reporting (EEA 2 & EEA 4)

The compliance team is enhancing the employment equity reports to ease the reconciliation process and accommodate unique scenarios.

We recommend that all customers wait until the employment equity enhancements have been released before submitting equity reports to the Department of Labour.

If customers currently submit manually (submission deadline 1 October 2022), we recommend that these customers should register to submit online as the deadline for online submissions is 15 January 2023.

Please keep an eye on the preliminary release notes for a summary of the employment equity enhancements.

The planned release date for the enhancements is October 2022.

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