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As businesses increasingly digitise their processes, HR departments are being called upon to lead the way. This means that HR leaders are under pressure to develop digital workplaces and workforces that redefine how people work and connect with colleagues. Businesses with proactive HR departments are taking charge. These teams are not afraid to utilise game-changing technologies; taking a ‘do digital’ approach to the workplace.

By handling the entire lifecycle process of any employee, PaySpace provide a centralised and cohesive Human Resource solution to managing an organisation’s workforce.

Typical Employee Lifecycle on PaySpace

PaySpace-Employee-Life-Cycle-1024x395 Human Resource Solution

Additional HR Features Our Clients Love

Employee On-Boarding

Manage the transition of any worker from applicant to employee through PaySpace’s recruitment module which allows users to post a job vacancy, track interview dates with candidates, send regret letters automatically and get feedback electronically from an interview panel. The PaySpace solution offers a configurable workflow engine that will guide the user through specific forms to ensure that all required employee details are captured i.e. biographical details, dependent details, job title, cost centre, reporting line manager, salary grade, package details etc. Setup on-boarding notifications to notify respective parties of the new employee i.e. IT for a network account, security for an access tab and line manager for an induction pack.

Employee Maintenance

Maintain employee details such as name, contact and address information or let employees do it themselves by using Employee Self Service. Record and manage an employee’s job history such as promotions, cost centre changes, performance appraisals and full leave administration and upload any document to the employee’s profile such as a copy of their employment contract or ID document. Users can attach a once-off or recurring reminder to an employee’s profile and PaySpace will automatically remind you via email and/or SMS. Users can also track assets as well as suspend employees which automatically prorates their pay.

Record Additional Info

Record all disciplinary actions, track all company equipment, record training courses and associated costs as well as an employee’s skill-set and qualifications.


Manage the movement of employees within an organisation, including transfers, promotions, and demotions.

Employee Off-boarding

Manage the transition of a worker from employee or contingent worker to terminated worker or retiree and setup notifications to respective parties i.e. IT to disable network access and security for building access.

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