Employee Self Service Portal

Employee and manager self-service functionality allow users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. Items include but are not limited to leave applications, leave balances, payslips, various claims, change requests, training and performance management.

About the new ESS Portal

PaySpace has replaced our previously limited “mobile-focused” Employee Self Service (ESS) portal (that was presented to a user if they navigated to our login page on a smart device) with a new ESS portal which has an updated and new fluid interface design but that now also importantly caters for desktop users with broader screen sizes as well as smaller smart or mobile devices.

One of the major additions to the new ESS portal is the ability for users to select a language preference other than English. We are launching with Portuguese as an additional language option and plan to add more prevalent languages on the African continent soon!

Our product teams are feverishly working on transitioning features to the new ESS portal that ESS users currently have available to them but for now we are excited to share with you that ESS users have access to the following in the new portal:

ESS-DEVICE-MOCKUP Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Portal Functionality

Functionality Upgraded New Coming Soon
Portal dynamically adapts to any device including a laptop or desktop X
Choose between English and Portuguese as a language X
Apply for Leave X
Approve Leave Applications X
Check Leave Balances X
Capture Expense Claims X
Approve Expense Claims X
View Payslips X
Email payslips as well as download pdf versions for printing X
Capture out-of-office options for workflow approvals X
View Employee Basic Profile X
Please note that if ESS users wish to access any functionality that is not yet available on the new ESS portal, the existing login and functionality they are used to, is still fully available – they simply need to select the relevant option at login time.
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