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Visualizing your Organization Structure

Every company needs to create and share organization charts, company org charts or organigrams. There is no substitute for visualizing the employee organization structure, and by using our org chart software you will quickly get the visual information you need. Company size really does not matter; whether the company is 50 employees or 10,000 employees, PaySpace OrgChart will do the job.

With PaySpace OrgChart, all you need is a web browser – no need to download, install, or configure anything. If you are looking for organizational charting software for a team of 1 or for your entire organization, PaySpace OrgChart is engineered to meet your needs and grow with you.

OrgChart-Example-1024x388 PaySpace OrgChart Organograms


Professional Quality Charts in Minutes

PaySpace OrgChart quickly assembles organizational charts directly from your HR data on PaySpace. And because its web based, OrgChart makes sharing up-to-date charts with your colleagues almost effortless.


OrgChart allows you to customize charts manually or by using data driven rules. Instantly highlight vacancies or contract positions even if your chart contains thousands of boxes. Whether you are presenting to the Board of Directors, your Management team, Managers or Employees, OrgChart allows you to create exactly the chart you need.

Create Charts Manually or Automatically

With OrgChart you have options. Create your org chart manually by dragging and dropping boxes onto the canvas or import data directly from PaySpace or a spreadsheet. Sound complicated? It’s not, our import wizard makes it easy. Stop struggling with general purpose diagramming tools like Visio & PowerPoint.

Navigate and Explore Your Organization

Easily “drill-down” to all levels within the organization as well as from one business unit to another. Even if your chart contains thousands of boxes navigation is almost effortless.

Workforce Planning

Use drag & drop tools to create scenarios. Use built-in or custom formulas to find the optimal structure for your organization.

Add Calculations such as headcounts

Use the insight gained from your org charts to easily analyze and optimize the structure of your workforce.

Collaborate and Share

Purchase a license and create an unlimited number of read-only accounts. Access to org charts has never been so easy.

Access Charts Securely

Access groups ensure appropriate access to organizational information. You control which charts a user is authorized to view.
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