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PaySpace offers users Best-In-Class Recruitment software, powered by Breezy HR, a leading cloud-based recruitment solution. This end-to-end recruitment platform is designed to optimize your recruiting process and support your entire team. Attract and hire great employees in less time and less effort with this user-friendly, feature-rich software. The application offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android allowing real-time conversation flow and notification to keep everyone informed –no matter where they are. The software comes with EEOC reporting capabilities, customizable career pages, and the Restful API so developers can tweak the software to their needs.

The unique, visual approach to pipeline management will give your hiring process a productivity boost. Users can customize their pipeline and organize applicants in whichever order they please. Recruiters can connect with candidates via email using custom templates, auto-responding and interview scheduling capabilities for fast response times and organisation.

Key Features:


A holistic view of your candidate pipeline

The drag & drop pipeline management means you know at a glance who’s at what stage in your pipeline:

  • Customize your pipeline stages per position
  • Automate your common tasks with Stage Actions
  • Upload or email in candidates individually or in bulk
  • Consistent candidate interviewing & scoring with custom Scorecards & Interview Guides

Streamline candidate communication and interview scheduling

The software includes all the tools you and your team need to work together scheduling and vetting candidates.

  • Talk to your team in-app, so you always have the most up-to-date conversations on hand
  • Integrate your GMail and Office 365 conversations with ease
  • Create bulk and individual emails, even custom templates, on the fly
  • Let your candidates pick the best available time with self-scheduling
Source-Candidates Recruitment

Source candidates where ever they are, in no time

The Chrome extension allows recruiters and HR partners to deliver the best candidates with zero parsing headaches. Source candidates in a single click, directly from LinkedIn, Indeed, Xing, Github, AngelList and more!

Powerful Analytics

Robust reporting & analytics give you deep insights required to power your recruiting process.

  • Easily watch what matters in a flexible, simple dashboard
  • Report stats back for EEOC/OFCCP compliance
  • Understand which channels provide the most bang for your recruiting buck
  • Ensure your team and process are performing at their best
reporting-screenshot Recruitment
screenshot_video_response-2 Recruitment

Screen & assess candidates quickly and easily

The integrated video responses and live video interviews help you understand and engage with your candidates faster than ever.

  • Enhance your application process with video responses in your forms and questionnaires
  • Schedule live, group video interviews right in-app, just like any other meeting
  • Video features are mobile-friendly for both you and your applicants

Get it all to go

The mobile apps for iOS and Android will let you know and let you take action when it matters, wherever you are.

  • Review and respond to new candidates as they come into your pipeline
  • Participate in your team’s conversations with push notifications
  • Add your ratings to candidates’ custom Scorecards
  • Save taps and time with the intuitive, drag & drop interface
mobile-group Recruitment
PaySpace Recruitment, powered by Breezy HR will streamline your entire hiring process; giving you more time to connect with candidates by automating manual tasks like job posts, advertising on job boards, interview scheduling & follow-ups. Including all the tools your team needs to hire more efficiently, from employee referrals & sourcing tools for LinkedIn and dozens of others to custom scorecards & interview guides. With PaySpace Recruitment, you’ll be making better hiring decisions in less time.
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