Recruitment Software

Automate Your Internal Hiring Process

PaySpace allows you to automate your internal hiring process from requisition, placing an advert, response handling, scheduling and tracking of interviews, electronic panel feedback and onboarding.


Administrators are able to create a vacancy that is linked to a position and upload a requisition form that can be sent to the relevant parties for approval via a workflow process. Once approved, high level qualification questions can be attached to the vacancy to immediately rule out candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Job Advertising

Jobs can be advertised internally via the careers dashboard in PaySpace and can also be placed externally on the company’s website. Candidates are able to apply for a position by entering their details and uploading their electronic resume after which they will receive an SMS confirming receipt of their application.

Response Handling

Candidates can be short-listed based on their resumes and templated regret emails can be sent to unsuccessful candidates. Interviews can be scheduled and managed for each phase of the recruitment process and for each candidate individually. Interview panel members are attached to each interview and are also invited to attend electronically. Once the interview has been completed, panel members are sent an electronic feedback form where they are able to rate the candidate. The vacancy owner is in turn notified via email and is able to view the consolidated feedback in order to make an informed decision.


Once the successful candidate has been identified and signed an offer of employment letter, the candidate can immediately be enrolled as an employee where PaySpace will ensure all necessary information is captured via a workflow guided process.

PaySpace improves the turn-around time of placements by providing a single integrated system for management of both internal and external recruitment, ensuring an efficient, streamlined recruitment process is maintained throughout your company.