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Payroll Consulting Services

PaySpace Payroll & HR Consulting Services offer expert consultants who have years of experience in both the Human Resources and Payroll fields respectively and bring best practices from thousands of successful implementations. Our consultants have direct access to our product and technology development teams allowing for quick, efficient implementations.

Our Payroll consultants will assist you in the following number of areas:

  • Assistance in migrating your data to PaySpace, whether its from an existing payroll system or whether you are doing it manually
  • Configuring your payroll parameters and streamlining your monthly tasks
  • Comparing and ensuring your employee’s figures are correct

Our HR Consultants will assist you in identifying needs, developing action plans and facilitating change to enhance the success of your organisation in the following HR areas:

  • Development of accurate Job Descriptions
  • Implementing meaningful Performance Management processes
  • Organisation Restructuring
  • Remuneration Structures
  • Industrial Relations
  • Training and Development
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Payroll For Start-Ups



Process your weekly and monthly payrolls, generate payslips and tax certificates in the African country of your choice. Our payroll specialists have the know-how and expertise to guide your business with the local service you require and the advanced technology you need to manage and grow your payroll.

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