Know when to outsource your payroll – and how to do it right

Many businesses are choosing to outsource their payroll to manage this business function with greater efficiency. If you’re considering making this move too, you might be debating whether or not it’s a viable option for your business – or wondering about when to outsource it. If you’re not entirely sure, read on. Here’s a quick [...]

What is global payroll and why is it good for business?

What is global payroll? Simply put, it’s the management of your company’s entire payroll function – for all your international offices – from one central location. Enabled by cloud technology, global payroll is transforming how multinationals manage their business operations. Gone are the days of having to recruit multiple in-country service providers and manage a [...]

The benefits of data analytics for your business

You and your colleagues make thousands of decisions every day. Some are quite simple and straightforward, but others require in-depth analysis. Either way, a bit more information to help guide the outcome would no doubt be very helpful. There’s nothing worse than seeing the consequences of a decision and realising that you should’ve given it [...]

The pros and cons of digital tax in Africa

Digital connectivity is transforming how many African companies and governments are doing business. As more countries bring their financial services online, digital tax returns are becoming more common. South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Kenya were all early adopters and now offer quite advanced online tax submission services. One of the main benefits of online tax [...]

Two common payroll outsourcing issues – and how to avoid them

There are many good reasons to outsource your payroll. A robust, global solution can help companies simplify the process of managing their payroll in multiple locations. Instead of having to source and manage various service providers in each location, your HR and procurement team only needs to manage one contract. This reduces the administrative burden [...]

Tax Indaba 2017: expand your business across Africa

An increasing number of South African businesses are expanding into Africa. This presents many exciting opportunities, but is not without its legislative challenges. At this year’s Tax Indaba, taking place from 11-15 September, PaySpace will discuss how businesses can expand across the continent and stay compliant at all times. No two countries are the same; [...]

How to calculate payroll taxes correctly

With tax season in full swing, employers and payroll managers are very likely feeling the pressure. Your approach to calculating payroll taxes over the past year will impact whether your employees have problems when they submit their returns. Many South Africans are extra nervous about this year’s tax season. SARS is under fire for tax [...]

Small business payroll management: 5 tips to get rid of that payroll headache

The growth of the South African economy is inextricably linked to the success of our small businesses. But what exactly constitutes a small business? The Banking Association of South Africa defines a small business as any entity with 50 employees and an annual total turnover of between R3m and R32m – depending on the sector in [...]

Five ways to achieve payroll compliance in Africa

When companies expand into Africa, they typically have excellent intentions. Sure, they want to advance their financial interest, but they also want to create jobs for locals, contribute to their communities, and – perhaps most importantly – follow the letter of the law precisely and without compromise. But this is easier said than done. Payroll [...]

The benefits of cloud based payroll for your business

Managing your company’s payroll doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare. The bigger the enterprise though, the more onerous the job is. Payroll managers at multi-national organisations have to pay close attention to a variety of factors like local legislation and regulatory requirements – as well as be available to employees across various time zones. [...]