Payspace Integration Partners

PaySpace Integration Partners are a network of 3rd party technology software companies that design, build, and deploy solution extensions to assist our customers to enhance their PaySpace capabilities. These complementary technology add-on’s have passed compatibility assurance so you can rest assured that these software vendors’ products will successfully integrate with PaySpace.

Our Integration Partners Include:

Human Capital Management

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About Workday

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have selected Workday.

Integration Offer
PaySpace is a certified Workday Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) partner. Workday GPC is a global payroll partner program that helps reduce the costs associated with deploying, integrating, and managing third-party payroll solutions. Because integrations are maintained by Workday’s partners and certified as interoperable with Workday, customers no longer have to worry about keeping integrations up to date. Workday’s certified integrations are fully documented, signed off by a live customer, supported by the payroll partners, and rigorously tested which means that the analysis, design and build phases of customer implementations are greatly reduced.



About Signify

Signify was founded in 1999 as a software development company specialising in the development of a web-based Talent Management solution. Their solution is modular, allowing their clients to choose from a range of modules such as Learning Management (LMS), Performance Management, and Career and Succession Planning.

Integration Offer
Through the integration with PaySpace, Signify offers their clients the ability to manage the complete employee life cycle, from recruitment to onboarding, management, development, and now also payroll. When appointing or updating an employee on Signify, the employee is automatically created and updated on PaySpace, ensuring a seamless experience between HR and payroll. It also allows the employee to download their payslips from the Signify ESS portal. All payroll management and functions are still managed within PaySpace, while other employee management functions are conducted in Signify.

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About PRP

PRP is an intelligent and powerful cloud-native solution that enables people to waste less time by eliminating manual workforce management tasks, providing real-time exception reporting and dashboarding.
We partner with your business to create an intelligent ecosystem that integrates with your other digital systems. PRP digitally transforms manual processes and removes unnecessary administration and duplication of tasks. We liberate you and your people from administration and manual tasks to focus on the things that really matter in your workplace.

Integration Offer
PRP integrates seamlessly with your digital environment of HR, payroll, leave and ERP systems to provide critical management information in real-time and on an exception basis, providing end-to-end digital transformation. PRP owns its intellectual property and has an in-house software development capability. This has allowed it work with PaySpace to successfully deliver API-based integrated solutions to our mutual clients. This experience and re-usable interface software components allows PRP and PaySpace to work in an efficient fashion to deliver an integrated solution for your business in record time.



About Ovation

Ovation is a secure, cloud-native platform that will help you to free up your resources, humanise your employee benefits, and thereby enhancing your employee value proposition and increasing engagement across your organisation.

Integration Offer
Ovation will assist you with the configuration between the two platforms.  This process is simple and will take you less than 5 minutes to get you set up. Ovation will assist you with configuring your benefits. Ovation will assist you with assigning access to you, your employees and/or your broker.

21 century

21st Century

About 21st Century

21st Century is one of the largest Remuneration, Reward, HR, Organisation Development and Change Management consultancies in Africa, specialising in sustainable business solutions and underpinned by exceptional Analytics and Research capabilities.

Integration Offer
One of 21st Century’s offerings is in reward management, and specifically a web-based, live data salary survey called RewardOnline. Our integration to the PaySpace cloud analytics module is specifically to enable seamless data transfer from payroll to the 21st Century Data Input Table, for participation in salary surveys. Whether via API or the analytics module, the data transfer will simple and easy, also ensuring accurate extraction of information.



About PeopleFlow

PeopleFlow provides an offline-first paperless HR software solution with unique digital contracting capabilities. We enable farmers and other employers to efficiently manage their blue-collar workforce by minimising administration while ensuring compliance with labour law and other requirements. PeopleFlow is user-friendly and customisable to employers’ workflows and integration requirements.

Integration Offer

The PaySpace integration allows PeopleFlow clients to manage their workforce data seamlessly between HR and payroll. Additional time and attendance or job costing integrations ensure that the key systems for people management work in unison.

Updating an employee in PeopleFlow automatically maps custom exports to PaySpace. Via API endpoints PeopleFlow ensures that all HR and payroll data is aligned: the data going into PaySpace is accurate and consistent, easy to capture, and only needs to be captured once.

While all payroll functionality remains within PaySpace, employers can manage all aspects of HR, including employee documentation and employment workflows, using PeopleFlow.


quickbooks logo


About QuickBooks
QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-native versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

Integration Offer
PaySpace provides a built-in, seamless integration with QuickBooks Online so that customers can post their payroll results to their Journals. Customers are able to map the respective payroll components to QuickBooks account numbers and various other dimensions.



About Xero
Xero is a web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. Xero connects small businesses with their trusted advisors and provides business owners with instant visibility of their financial position.

Integration Offer
PaySpace offers users the option to map the chart of accounts data from Xero Accounting into PaySpace when configuring their GL setup. This kind of mapping streamlines the data flow into PaySpace with ease and increases efficiency as users are no longer required to input account numbers manually, thereby eradicating any potential for human error.



About Acumatica
Acumatica’s Next-Generation Cloud ERP Software and integrated accounting, CRM, and business management software brings all the benefits of the cloud.

Integration Offer
PaySpace has created an extension for Acumatica customers to seamlessly import the general ledger entries from the payroll into Acumatica’s GL on a monthly basis. Customers will be able to map payroll components within PaySpace to the relevant Branch Code, Account Number, Sub Account Number, Project Code and Task Code within Acumatica, so that entries are posted accordingly.




About Netcash
Netcash is a leading payments provider to businesses of all sizes throughout South Africa.

Integration Offer
Our payroll software integrates seamlessly with Netcash. Once set-up, the payment file will immediately upload to Netcash when exported from the payroll. This offers peace of mind that payment details cannot be edited once the payments have been sent to Netcash.



About Floatpays
FloatPays helps reduce employees’ financial stress with affordable earned wage access. Employees who aren’t financially stressed are more engaged, productive, innovative, and add greater value to their employers. FloatPays comes at no extra cost to the employer and requires minimal effort to integrate with employers’ existing payroll systems.

Integration Offer
PaySpace customers have automatic access to the Floatpays offering. Because Floatpays is already integrated with PaySpace, turning it on for your employees is quick and easy. There is no cost to you and you can turn off the service whenever you want. Not sure if it’s the right fit for your business? You can opt-in for a no commitment, no cost, and no-risk trial.



About TymeAdvance
TymeAdvance is the fastest growing early access platform, with lowest industry fee(R30 flat fee for employees) for instant access to earned salary. Because TymeAdvance is not a loan, there are no interest rates, credit checks and no awkward conversations ensuring smooth working relationships. Better yet, TymeAdvance doesn’t impact your cash flow, burden your HR & Payroll resources and is at NO COST TO YOUR COMPANY.

Integration Offer
TymeAdvance is already integrated with PaySpace making it an easy onboarding process for our corporate partners. Engaging with TymeAdvance provides flexibility which allows for personalization & can be configured to your business requirements.

paymenow logo


About Paymenow
Inspired by people, powered by technology. Paymenow is the market-leading Earned Wage Access (EWA) platform in Africa.
Paymenow offers a responsible and affordable earned wage access solution coupled with an employee financial literacy program to help turn a financially stressed and subsequent unproductive workforce into financially resilient and productive employees.

Integration Offer
We utilise Payspace’s standard secure OData API with a read-only access level (and tokenised credentials) to retrieve the necessary company and employee data to implement the Paymenow offering to clients.




About Simply

Smart, simple life insurance, made for you and your employees. Sign up on your phone in 5 mins. No medical tests or paperwork.

Integration Offer

PaySpace customers can now use their PaySpace credentials to seamlessly get a quote, buy cover and keep their schedules up to date on a monthly basis. The integration means PaySpace users can rest assured their group life cover is in place and up to date and if something happens to one of their employees the claim will be paid.

Time & Attendance


ERS Biometrics

About ERS Bio
ERS Bio provides a wide variety of biometric hardware to suit the varying industry requirements and working environments. Their cloud modules cater for basic Attendance needs, through to advanced Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Access Control and Job Costing.

Integration Offer
The ERS Biometrics Time and Attendance Module enables companies to manage their employee attendance, hours worked, overtime taken, leave submitted, etc. The module takes away many of the manual processes by seamlessly integrating directly into the payroll for easy exception management.

econz wireless logo 150x150

Econz Wireless

About Econz Wireless
Econz Wireless are leaders in Mobile Data Collection, providing Cutting Edge Technology to companies looking to streamline their workflow, paper, and payroll processes with Field Employee-Digital Transformation, Dynamic GPS Tracking, Robust Reporting, Time, and Attendance. Our focus is to enhance employee efficiency, improve company productivity while ensuring cost savings.

Integration Offer
Econz Wireless Timecard Bi-directional data exchange solution is easy to set up, commercial deploy and is proven. The Timecard application integrates with PaySpace to effortlessly sync your data between Econz Timecard and your Payspace installation. This is a real-time integration that pushes your company’s data back and forth between Econz’s Timecard application and PaySpace’ s HCM platform includes onboarding of new employees and passing time and attendance information allowing for a “Mobile Punch to Payroll Process” Simplifying the processing of payroll with real-time data that is captured from the employee’s smartphones and tablets has never been easier.

better times

Better Times

About Better Times
“Better Times is a truly “in your pocket” Time & Attendance system run using a mobile phone (no expensive hardware is needed). This system has been developed in South Africa to suit any size business or workforce with the priority drivers being accuracy, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness with all data being processed and accessed using a cloud-native portal.

Integration Offer
Integrating easily captured accurate data from Better Times into an easy payroll and workforce management system PaySpace results in an extremely effective, cost and time-saving workforce management system that is ideal for any size business or workforce.

JT Logo - PaySpace

Jarrison Systems

About Jarrison Systems
Advanced Time and Attendance software solutions. Jarrison Time is automated, feature rich with fantastic support and a proven track record for reliability. Digitally transform your business with Jarrison Systems comprehensive and innovative Time and Attendance software.

Integration Offer
Jarrison Time integrates with leading international biometric brands as well as most Access Control products for extreme flexibility through turnkey solutions. Our software includes but it not limited to its ability to handle complex shift requirements over multiple sites, advanced job costing, various mobile solutions, automated and fully customizable reports, leave management and workflow escalations. Seamless integration to Payspace payroll completes the solution.

Eco Time

Eco Time

About Eco Time
Eco Time is the most trusted time and attendance solution in South Africa. Excellent service and passion drive Eco Time to provide superior time, attendance, and access control solutions. Eco Time creates customer value by solving their most complex and costly workforce management problems.

Integration Offer
Eco Time integrates directly with PaySpace for time and attendance, and leave management.
The days of batch imports are over! No need to download .csv files and reupload them into PaySpace.

Organisations can reduce tedious work by capturing time, attendance and leave data once. It is easier than ever to pay your employees accurately and easily by sending data from Eco Time to PaySpace effortlessly.

Retain data integrity by directly connecting PaySpace and Eco Time using our new API. Contact Eco Time to integrate today.




About OrgChart
OrgChart Hosting, a longtime leader and innovator in the org chart software industry, helps organisations fulfill their workforce charting and visualisations needs. Using our OrgChart software and advisory services, companies can gain HR insights and improve efficiency. Assemble organisational charts automatically from your HRIS data, in your browser, without installing any software!

Integration Offer
As a Cloud based, fully browser-based application, our partnership collaboration with PaySpace that created PaySpace Charts (powered by OrgChart), makes perfect sense. Through single sign-on to the PaySpace application, customers have access to the full OrgChart function set and can view their flat PaySpace HR data as an interactive organogram. With a multitude of conditional formatting, filtering and display options, important metrics are highlighted and available at a glance, to allow for fast and accurate decisions.

Integration & Automation



About Flowgear
Flowgear enables companies of all sizes to boost productivity & profitability by integrating PaySpace with any Application, Services, API or Database, using our No Code Platform, with 200+ pre-built connectors, reusable workflows and APIs.

Integration Offer

Flowgear’s iPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) enables organisations of all sizes to build powerful Applications, Data, and API integrations in minutes, not months, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.  No coding, SMB to Enterprise. Modern organisations are using more apps and services than ever, but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.