Custom Report Writer eLearning

Course Overview

Have you ever had the need to extract data from the Payroll but could not do it in a single report? Have you ever wanted to compile your custom report? If so, then this course is for you.

The Custom Report Writer module is a tool developed by Microsoft, namely DevExpress, that integrates with PaySpace allowing you to create customised reports using real-time data from your Payroll and HR modules.

The Custom Report Writer module allows you to extract information from the data tables on the system, which ensures that when the report is run, the updated information will pull through to the report.

This course is designed to provide a beginner’s guide to creating custom reports using the PaySpace reporting tool. It will cover the basics of the report writer environment and how to create a basic report layout.

Course Pre-requisite

Please ensure you have completed the PaySpace Essentials Training Course before attending this course.

Custom Report Writer eLearning Course

What you will learn

After completing this e-learning course, you will be able to:

  • Access the Custom Report Writer
  • Define and Configure the Data Sources
  • Understand the orientation of the Report Designer Screen
  • Define the Report Layout
  • Add and Manage Report Bands
  • Adding Report Elements
  • Bind Report Elements to Data
  • Manage Report Elements
  • Validate the Report Layout
  • Understand the Report Control Functionality of the following:
    • Label Control
    • Table Control
    • Picture Box Control
    • Page Info Control
    • Panel Control
    • Rich Text Control
    • Check Box Control
    • Subreport Control
  • Add Subtotals and Totals to a Report
  • Group and Sort Data Report Data
  • Filter Data Report Data
  • Format Data Report Data
  • Customise your Report’s Appearance:
    • Create and apply Styles to a report element
    • Add Watermarks
  • Save and Export a Report
  • Editing existing report

Custom Report Writer eLearning Course

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