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Annual Payroll Tax
Virtual Seminar

Join Payroll Expert Rob Cooper and ex-SARS PAYE specialist Niel Nel for an important Payroll event.

The Changes to Payroll Tax Legislation are now Final

To ensure that employers remain up to date with the latest requirements, Rob Cooper and ex-SARS PAYE specialist Niel Nel will explain the impact on payroll offices and payroll systems of the final changes made to payroll tax legislation in the Annual Payroll Tax Update Seminar presented on 13 March 2024.

Amongst other matters, this morning’s seminar will bring you up to date on where we are and on what you can expect from two important employment tax administration projects, as well as a late and unexpected twist to the National Minimum Wage requirements:

  • Two-pot’ Retirement System

The 2023 Amendment Bills made significant changes to enable pre-retirement access to a portion of one’s retirement assets while preserving the remainder for retirement.

  • SARS Vision 2024 PAYE Reform

Significant progress has been made, culminating in the very recent publication of the SARS Specification for Monthly Tax certificate submissions that will make important changes to Personal Income Tax Administration.

  • Labour Appeals Court National Minimum Wage Decision

The very recent and very important Labour Appeals Court Judgement that impacts on the National Minimum Wage calculation will be discussed.

  • Other tax law changes that will be discussed include:
  • Non-resident employer registration.
  • Tidying up of the retirement fund contribution deduction requirements.
  • Requirements for the August 2024 Interim Tax certificate submission and reconciliation.
  • On the labour law front:

We will overview the long-running but important Amendment Bills for the Compensation Fund and Employment Equity and hopefully be able to update you on their effective dates.

  • Looking to the future:

Budget 2024 is expected to propose some interesting changes to the law that will be discussed in the seminar.

As always with these down-to-earth presentations, questions are welcome, and you will be provided with the slides, a comprehensive workbook for later reference purposes, and access for 14 days to the recording.

Book now to secure your virtual seat and to join us to understand how these changes will affect your company.

About Rob Cooper

Rob Cooper Mobile

Rob is a founding member of the PAGSA, a body that represents the payroll industry in discussions with the statutory bodies.

As chairman of the PAGSA, his focus over the past 30 years has been on the diverse legislation that governs the employment and payroll industry.

He is held in high regard as an employment tax expert and is a respected writer and presenter at tax seminars and workshops around the country.

Rob Cooper

About Niel Nel

Niel Nel Mobile

Niel Nel started working for the Port Elizabeth branch of SARS in 1977 when it was still Inland Revenue and retired from SARS on 31 January 2023.

During these many years of distinguished service, Niel acquired a National Diploma in Tax and Financial Accounting and was instrumental in the implementation of the Employees’ Tax (PAYE) system, the codified electronic certificates, the automation of the PAYE reconciliation system and the subsequent e@syFile and eFiling systems, as well as the Skills Development and the UIF Contribution processes, and the Employment Tax Incentive.

Over the years, Niel collaborated with the PAGSA and other external stakeholders and managed the SARS/PAGSA relationship from March 2020 until his retirement. He is now a Managing member of the PAGSA.

Niel Nel

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