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JavaScript and Income Base Formulas Training

Course Overview

Are you an expert in configuring payroll components but wish you knew how to take it to the next level? Then this workshop is for you!

JavaScript is a programming language for the web. It can calculate, manipulate, and validate data. JavaScript can be applied in the front-end of PaySpace to build formulas on an Income Base Screen.

Attend this interactive workshop, where you will gain an understanding through practical exercises of how to apply the fundamentals of JavaScript to achieve a desired payroll outcome. For example, forcing the sequence in which a formula is executed, sharing the Income Base Screen amongst various components or calculating years worked, to name a few.

Course Pre-requisite

Please ensure that you have completed the PaySpace Advanced Payroll Components Course before attending this course.

JavaScript and Income Base Formulas Workshop

What you will learn

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:
• Understand how to declare and assign a variable.
• Identify and apply JavaScript Data Types.
• Apply JavaScript Operators.
• Understand how to include comments on JavaScript and how to count in JavaScript.
• Refer to JavaScript resources relevant to PaySpace.
• Interpret the available fields on the Income Base Screen.
• Categorise the PaySpace Source Types into JavaScript Data Types.
• Follow the process to create JavaScript on the Income Base Screen.
• Use JavaScript to
          o Create formulas to apply BODMAS
          o Apply an If-Statement, including nested If-Statements
          o Reference the Data Type, Boolean in an If-Statement
          o Reference the Data Type, Object in an If-Statement
          o Reference Dates in an If-Statement

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JavaScript and Income Base Formulas Workshop

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