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  • Pre-configured

  • Statutory reporting

  • Evolve with you

  • Pre-configured

  • Statutory reporting

  • Evolve with you

  • Employee Self Service

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  • Pre-configured

  • Statutory reporting

  • Evolve with you

  • Employee Self Service

  • Advanced HR Modules

  • Multi Country, Multi Currency and Multi Language

  • Consolidation

  • API Integration

  • Automated Expatriate Module

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payspace-payroll-customer-boart-longyear Payroll & HR Software

PaySpace has been a major player in our drive to compliance throughout Africa, without PaySpace we would still be paying fines, dealing with labour courts and most importantly our employees wouldn’t be as happy as they are now. With a total workforce in Africa of almost 3000 employees we went from over 100 queries a month to a maximum of 3 with majority of months with no queries at all. PaySpace has proven not only to provide what they promise but go beyond what is required to assist in any way possible. We will now expand with PaySpace into Europe and apply the same efficiency, professionalism and compliance as we have in Africa. Thank you PaySpace for your excellent service

Ana da Silva, Boart Longyear
payspace-payroll-customer-heineken-e1562161080686 Payroll & HR Software

We have had a tremendous improvement on our Payroll system for HEINEKEN South Africa (PTY) Ltd. Our legislative and SARS compliance has been improved and the automation of the payroll components have saved us processing time. The Employee Self Service module has been a major role player for the Human Capital Department at HEINEKEN South Africa (PTY) Ltd

Marius Hattingh, HEINEKEN South Africa (PTY) Ltd
payspace-payroll-customer-private-property-e1562161311210 Payroll & HR Software

By automating the payroll function using PaySpace we have improved the time it takes to process our monthly payrun dramatically.

Alison Kloppenborg, Private Property
payspace-payroll-customer-chase-software-e1562161619664 Payroll & HR Software

Without PaySpace we would have had to employ someone to handle our HR. Although we are an SME, PaySpace gives our salaries and leave management the look, feel and professionalism of a large corporation. The support has been outstanding too.

Alan Borain, Chase Software
payspace-payroll-customer-Inter-africa-bureau-de-change-e1562162216135 Payroll & HR Software

Payspace is the BEST! I love doing our payrolls on Payspace. The customer service is excellent and I have really no complaints. Thank you for making payroll processing a very pleasant experience!! Keep up the excellence!!!

Leana Pretorius, Inter Africa Bureau de Change
payspace-payroll-customer-maxxor-e1562162312172 Payroll & HR Software

We all love PaySpace. It’s fresh, intelligent, quick and such a convenience in our busy environment. Their team is superb.

Adelah Ederies, Maxxor
payspace-payroll-customers-active-marketing-e1562162401272 Payroll & HR Software

Since signing up 2 years ago, we have found PaySpace a pleasure to use. For any small company, personnel admin can be a headache but PaySpace handles all of the issues with no effort from our side.Their PAYE and UIF calculations are up to date and completely accurate, and their reports are comprehensive – we just send them straight to our accountants when returns are due.And the cost per employee is completely affordable. All in all, a great service! Thank you.

Karyn Liddell, Active Marketing
payspace-payroll-customer-tesaf-data-e1562162633783 Payroll & HR Software

I am extremely satisfied with PaySpace. We migrated without any hassles whatsoever, their support is oustanding and the system is extremely easy to understand and work with.Telsaf Data is primarily a System Integrator, which as far back as the early 1990’s pioneered the integration of Voice, Video and Data across Wide Area Networks using different technologies.

Silverio Boccetti, Telsaf Data
payspace-payroll-customer-junit-manufacturers Payroll & HR Software

PaySpace resulted in a tremendous improvement with regards to our payroll system. The logs and summarised reports provide a clear basis to run audit tests and comparisons on. SARS and other legal statutory requirements are provided with a click of a button. Their support is also outstanding. It has made paying and controlling our 1,600 strong workforce in both our SA and Swaziland operations much more manageable.

Jurie Bester (Jnr.), Junit Manufacturers
payspace-payroll-customer-epicco-e1562162990196 Payroll & HR Software

After working on PaySpace for just over a year now, I can truly say that it’s such a pleasure to work on the system and I will definitely be able to recommend it to other companies. It’s very user friendly and easily accessible.

Lana Erasmus, EpicCo Accounting & Advistory Services
payspace-payroll-customer-avroy-shlain-e1562163740781 Payroll & HR Software

Wow Payspace! You are everywhere, doing everything, and you never fail to astonish us with your practical approach and willingness to accomodate the “paradigm shift” of Avroy Shlain’s requirements. Your braveness in this makes us feel protected. You light up our view with your user friendly system. People expect good service but few are willing to give it except for you.Avroy Shlain Cosmetics is one of the largest direct selling Cosmetics houses in South Africa. The company has grown over the past 37 years, with over 70 000 distributors around South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Avroy Shlain Cosmetics has become a household name with quality products across the full spectrum of beauty, personal care, fragrances and make up range.

Monika Bokaba, Avroy Shlain
payspace-payroll-customers-novartis-e1562163947265 Payroll & HR Software

ESS is extremely helpful and easy to use. Cloud Room functionalities are a breeze to work with.

Precious Nzuza, Novartis

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