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RSA Payroll Tax Fundamental

Who should attend

The recommended audience is HR professionals, payroll administrators, accountants, and Payroll Professionals responsible for managing employee compensation and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Understanding these tax-related aspects is crucial for accurately processing payroll, managing employee benefits, and ensuring legal compliance with tax obligations.

Course overview

Understand the application of each of the tax statuses to be able to select the correct tax status for an employee.

  • Understanding key terms related to employees’ tax.
  • Identifying and analysing factors that influence tax calculations.
  • Selecting the correct tax status for an employee.
  • Implications of different tax statuses.
  • Review taxable earnings to be included in the balance of remuneration.
  • Calculate and process provision for tax on an annual bonus.
  • Applying fundamentals to calculate taxable benefits in the balance of remuneration.
  • Tax considerations for the use of a company car.
  • Understand the tax treatment for all types of retirement funds.
  • Calculate and apply the limits of allowable tax deductions.
  • Exploring the concept of medical tax credits.
  • Hands-on practice in manually calculating employee tax with and without annual payments.

RSA Payroll Tax Fundamentals Training

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