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Performance Management eLearning

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PaySpace has a comprehensive and flexible performance management tool that will assist an organisation in assessing their employees and ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round. This module can be utilised as a review or a survey tool, allowing you to conduct several processes e.g. Performance Reviews, 360° Reviews, Probation Period Review, Induction Surveys, and Exit Surveys, to name a few.

This e-learning course will empower the user to configure, maintain and utilise the Performance Management module.

It is recommended that users attend Essentials Training and Advanced Features Training before Performance Management Training.

Performance Management eLearning Course Outline

  • Explain the purpose and function of Performance Management as an extra module on the system.
  • Describe the Implementation Phases of the Performance Management module.
  • Outline the stages in a typical Performance Management process.
  • Identify and explain the sequence in which the company parameters for the Performance Management module are configured.
  • Describe the various company parameters relevant to the Performance Management module.
  • Use the company parameters to configure the Performance Management Module.
  • Describe the process of adding and approving KPA’s and KPI’s via the Nextgen ESS Portal as part of the Contracting Phase.
  • Use the relevant reports to monitor changes applied to KPA’s and KPI’s during the Contracting Phase.
  • Activate a Review Process globally as well as for an individual employee.
  • Describe the process of reviewing an employee’s performance via the Nextgen ESS Portal during the Review Process.
  • Describe and use the Performance Management module reports available on the payroll.
  • Describe and use the Performance Management data available on Cloud Analytics.

More information

Upon booking for Performance Management Training, you will receive an email specifying the course details.