Manage your entire staff lifecycle with an integrated, cloud-based human resource system.

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As businesses increasingly digitise their processes, the pressure is on for HR leaders to develop digital workplaces and workforces that redefine how people work and connect with colleagues. Businesses with proactive human resources departments are taking charge, and are not afraid to utilise game-changing technologies,  taking a ‘do digital’ approach to the workplace.

By handling the entire lifecycle process of any employee, PaySpace human resource management solutions provide a centralised and cohesive human resource solution to managing an organisation’s workforce.

Leave Management

Leave Management

A comprehensive and simplistic leave administration module caters for basic conditions of employment compliance, as well as complicated cumulative and non-accumulative leave structures.

Organisation & Position Management

Organisation & Position Management

Manage records pertaining to a specific position such as employment equity groupings, details relating to the purpose of the job and, most importantly, the minimum requirements for the position such as skills, qualifications and objectives or tasks.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Get help assessing your employees so you can develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round without a separate appraisal system.

Incident Management

Incident Management

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Enable administrators to configure and define workflow processes by choosing the type of input that needs to be gathered and consolidated from their geographically-dispersed workforce.

Training & Skills Management

Training and Skills Management

Set up company-level training courses and record all training history for an employee based on these courses. Attach skills to an employee, a position or a training course and completely manage the skills of your workforce. Search for a position vacancy based on skills that employees have.

Succession & Talent Management

Succession & Talent Management

Empower managers to give insights into an employee’s potential for promotion, the timing of the promotion, their risk of leaving and their possible reason for wanting to leave when appraising an employee.

Employment Equity

Employment Equity

This training course teaches you the information that should display in the EEA2 and EEA4 payroll reports.

Data visualisation module

The diagram below shows the typical employee lifecycle, and how PaySpace can cater to each specific need.

Data Visualisation Module
Typical Employee Lifecycle on PaySpace.

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Tailored HR solutions for businesses of all sizes

No matter the size of your business or your HR requirements, we have the PaySpace solution that’s right for you.

HR software for small businesses

Basic employee management including leave and position management, plus Employee Self-Service (ESS). Perfect for small businesses from 1-20 employees.

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HR software for medium businesses

For medium-sized businesses, this solution suits multi-level organisation structures and features advanced functions for leave, on-boarding, equity management, skills training & more.

HR software for large businesses

All the functionality a large corporate or global organisation needs for up to 10 000 employees, plus the option to outsource your entire HR function to us.

Professional Services

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