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HR Essentials Training

Who should attend

HR Essentials Training in PaySpace is designed to provide HR professionals with the tools and skills to navigate and use the PaySpace platform efficiently. This is particularly valuable for Human Resources professionals who are directly involved in payroll-related tasks or require close collaboration with payroll administrators. By attending the HR Essentials Training, HR professionals can enhance their capacities in managing employee data, ultimately fostering a more streamlined and effective payroll workflow within the organisation.

HR Essentials Training Course Outline

  • Introduction to Navigation and Payspace Orientation.
  • Utilising Payspace for Onboarding New employees.
  • Managing and attaching Employee Documents.
  • Loading Employee Notes and Reminders.
  • Tracking and Managing Employee Assets.
  • Processing Employee Leave Requests.
  • Accessing and using ESS (Employee self service).
  • Integrating Pacey – WhatsApp for ESS.
  • Managing and tracking Employee Training, Skills, and Qualifications.
  • Performing Bulk Actions for efficiency.
  • Utilising Incident Management.
  • How to terminate, reinstate and suspend an employee.
  • Printing a PDF Payslip.
  • The creation of a Mock Payslip.
  • How to print HR related report.

More information

Some of our training is in-person and others virtual, be sure to read below to understand what options are available to you.

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