Digital tools
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Digital tools
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Compact Payroll Guide 2024/2025

A compact payroll guide for payroll and HR professionals summarising the legislative updates for 2024-2025 in South Africa.

Budget Speech Infographic 2024/2025

Highlights of the tax proposals by National Treasury.

2024 Payroll Calendar

Easily track and manage and integrate important payroll dates and notes into your every day with this downloadable pdf. 

PAYE Calculator 2024/2025

Explore the user-friendly PAYE calculator to determine how the most recent tax changes will impact your finances.

Previously released tools

Payroll Checklist

Payroll is an integral part of being an employer, and a payroll checklist can make the job easier. A payroll checklist is one of the best tools to use to manage payroll processing better. It is especially helpful if you’re new to the payroll process and its workings.

Employee Contract Toolkit

While an employment contract can be either written or verbal, it’s best to have clear, well-drafted contracts as they help you manage your people effectively and protect you and your people’s interests if issues arise. If documented, the contract provides evidence for both you as the employer and your people.

Travel Logbook

Download this easy-to-use travel logbook, to capture your personal and business mileage and view a summary of your travel for the financial year. Our online travel logbook is SARS-compliant and will assist you in the process of claiming a travel deduction!
PRO TIP: Where you used more than one vehicle in the tax year, a separate logbook must be kept for each vehicle that was used.

Work from home Best Practice

To work effectively from home, you’ll need to make sure you have the technology you require, a dedicated workspace, internet service that meets your needs, a workable schedule you can stick to, and ways to connect with others.
We’ve put together a list of the best practices to ensure that you can bring your best self to work every day, even if that workplace is your home.

How to Craft a Great Job Description

Learn to craft a powerful job description, helping you attract the most qualified candidates for your job.

Best Practice Interview Guide

This article is centred around the importance of creating a structured interview process that, if in place, will assist your company in focusing your recruitment efforts on the most appropriate talent.

Exit Interview Guide

Understanding why employees leave your organisation should be a strategic goal for all HR professionals. This article is centred around how exit interviews can help you foster positive relationships and a welcoming working environment when completed in a consistent and standardised way.

Manage Your SME Payroll

Manager your SME payroll with PaySpace Lite or Premier. These tools are designed to offer easy, basic payroll but with all the legislative and software features required to run a complete payroll process. Pay staff, track leave, record skills, training and disciplinary records, and be able to submit accurate information to the relevant legislative authorities with no fuss or expertise required.

Manage Your Enterprise Payroll
Manage your large or enterprise payroll with PaySpace Master. This tool delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality, designed to support more than just the basics, including Self Service, Advanced Workflow, Consolidated Reporting, Recruitment, Talent-, Performance- and Training Management.