Product & Customer Support

The ROI of payroll and HR technology: How the right technology delivers value for businesses

PaySpace provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Internet user experience for every employee, from power users to casual users. Our comprehensive workflow engine and help functions will guide you through the process and only prompt you with the appropriate questions. All legislative complications that payroll encompasses have been pre-configured in such a way that we only expose you to the necessary details rather than forcing you to conform to an old, tired, and confusing interface.

We do however understand the complexities surrounding certain companies pay structures and therefore we are available to you fulltime either telephonically or via email. We urge you to also attend our training courses to empower you with the skills necessary to utilise PaySpace to maximum effect.

Basic Support Includes Multi-Channel Customer Service:

Should the duration of a support call exceed 10 minutes or result in one of our consultants performing work on behalf of the customer, a consulting charge will become applicable based on an hourly rate.

Phone: +27 87 210 3000

Live Phone Support:
08h00 - 17h00 Monday - Thursday
08h00 - 16h00 Fridays (Excluding RSA public holidays and weekends)

South Africa Support Email: [email protected]

Africa Support Email: [email protected]

No limit on the number of calls or emails that can be submitted.

Online Customer Portal 24/7:
Around-the-clock access


Customer Support Portal

The PaySpace Customer Support Portal plays an important role in helping customers resolve their issues by themselves by searching our knowledge base of articles or questions and answers posted by other users. Further to this, the portal provides transparency into the status of any support requests that may have been submitted either directly via the customer portal, telephonically with one of our consultants or via email.

When customers access the customer support portal, they can do the following:

Add new support requests, also known as tickets

Track the status of support requests

Search for support requests

Search our knowledge base articles

Post questions and interact with other users

Create and track forum posts

PaySpace Superhero Program

Eliminate Onsite Consulting

Due to the nature of the PaySpace application, our support consultants are able to view all of your configuration settings, unique setup criteria, organisation and employee data directly from our support centre and as a result are able to provide advice or support immediately. This significantly reduces the time taken to resolve any query or issue. This revolutionary approach has proven to eliminate up to 95% of onsite consulting and support. The result is a significant cost saving for your organisation with regards to professional fees usually charged for onsite consulting. In the rare event that onsite consulting is required, our standard consulting rates will apply.