“We deliver an innovative global payroll and human capital management solution that enables national and multi-national corporations to overcome complex challenges, improving their business efficiency and compliance.”

Established in 2000, PaySpace are the leaders in true cloud-native Payroll and Human Capital Management software solutions providing new, improved solutions to help businesses operate in the modern era where managers and employees have access to information at the touch of a button.

Striving for continuous innovation with the latest in technology, efficiency, and friendly professional support, PaySpace offer end users over 90 years’ experience in the industry across a variety of Payroll and HR environments. With a focus on benchmark products that service organisations regardless of size, PaySpace provides a highly secure, flexible and easy-to-use platform, whilst giving users access to relevant and valuable information anytime, anywhere without the burden that legacy Payroll and HR systems offer. Operating in 40 African countries, PaySpace continues to assist businesses in these regions by enabling them to grow and drive their internal processes and adhere to tax legislative compliancies with the complete confidence that they are using the benchmark of today’s available Payroll and HR management systems. PaySpace is the only single instance multi-tenant platform with automated legislative updates, niche expatriate functionality and country-specific legislative reporting for the African continent.

PaySpace is the only Payroll and HR solution in Africa with an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 27001 certification (safe and secure protection of data), as well as been awarded the 2019 Software Supplier of the Year Award by the Global Payroll Association in May 2019 held in Budapest, Hungary and recognised by The Software Report for Top 25 HR Software solutions in April 2019. We are also a member of the South African Payroll Association and the Payroll Authors Group.

To further future-proof our customer’s decision we have decided to move to Microsoft Azure during 2020.

As leaders in the Payroll & HR industry, the Executive Team of PaySpace intends to continue guiding PaySpace into a new age of efficiency and technology.

We promote and believe in using technology to drive innovation and differentiation.

We are driven to provide award-winning support. We see things from others’ points of view, respond quickly, and take ownership of inquiries.

We are experts in our field, we share our knowledge with our colleagues to provide unrivaled expertise and experience to our clients.

We take ownership and full responsibility for our actions. We work proactively to achieve our commitments.

We enjoy our work and continually innovate to improve what we do and how we do it.[/fusion_content_box]

“PaySpace is dedicated to continual innovation in payroll and human capital management solutions by setting and leading global payroll and HR trends while responding timeously to our client’s needs and building long-lasting client relationships. ”

Executive Team

Sandra Crous

PaySpace has appointed Sandra Crous as its new Managing Director, effective April 1, 2019.  Sandra brings with her over 30 years’ experience in the payroll industry, which includes the role as Vice President for Midmarket, Africa and the Middle East at Sage.  We believe that Sandra’s commercial acumen, proven capabilities and a strong understanding of the payroll landscape offer a perfect fit to take on this role and further strengthen PaySpace’s commitment to drive our digital transformation ambitions and empower organisations and individuals to achieve more. Sandra’s mission is to accelerate the transition to global cloud Payroll & HR into the African continent while ensuring that PaySpace remains a people-focused, customer-centric business.

Bruce van Wyk

As one of the founding members of PaySpace, Bruce has over 16 years of experience in designing, conceptualising and implementing functional payroll and HR solutions for various local, multinational and blue-chip organisations. Bruce heads up the Finance and Sales departments at PaySpace with a love for entrepreneurship. He has many years of experience in developing legacy and cloud based Microsoft solutions having started his career in software development after graduating from Van Zyl and Pritchard. He is also extremely familiar with complex payroll client requirements having worked for an international payroll vendor as well as a large corporate insurance house where he got critical insights into the receiving end of the payroll and HR product world. His exposure to the technical, consulting and client requirements in the industry have given him vast experience in solution design, comprehensive international tax legislation, quality human resource approaches, talent trends and client relations.

George Karageorgiades

George is a founding member of PaySpace with over 21 years’ experience in the HCM technology industry. He is one of the industry’s leading specialists in the field of implementing, configuring and building Payroll and HR solutions in best of breed, ERP, Bureau and multi-country environments. His experience extends to many industries for various local, multinational and blue-chip organisations as well as payroll aggregators and international managed service providers.

His forte is in payroll architecture, global agile solution design and international tax compliance. He also has an in-depth understanding of cross-border payroll complexities and requirements for expatriates and has architected solutions for over 45 countries in the EMEA region predominantly focusing on Africa.

George is currently head of functional operations where he leads the Compliance, Outsource and Implementation departments. He is also tasked with bridging the gap between tech delivery and functional architectural design through identifying the latest trends and originating new approaches in Global Payroll software technology.

His uncompromising passion for PaySpace provides a platform for him to innovate and actively contribute to the technological HCM cloud revolution. He has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Hons) from University of South Africa.

Warren van Wyk

Warren van Wyk is one of the founding members and leaders of PaySpace. Warren has over 18 years of experience in the software development industry. After graduating from Van Zyl and Pritchard, he started his career at an international payroll vendor where he travelled internationally on many projects and gained huge insight and exposure to international payroll requirements. He later moved to a large software outsource services vendor where he was placed on a project to rewrite a large client’s entire software technology stack using Microsoft technologies. His vast end-to-end software project experience coupled with his technical payroll knowledge greatly assisted the PaySpace team in the architectural solution design, having a leading and managing hand in every intricate area. His role as a leader in PaySpace means that he performs a variety of tasks which significantly affect the growth and strategy of the company.

Charles Pittaway

Mr. Charles Pittaway was the Co Founder of Netcash Pty Ltd in 2003 which was acquired by Sage South Africa in 2010. He currently serves as Managing Director of Sage Pay which is a registered TPPP and is responsible for the development and management of the various transactional services offered by the business.

He is on the Sage SA leadership team responsible for the integrated payments strategy to product teams in the region.

He also holds the position of VP of Payments & Banking for AMEA and is responsible for the delivery of the Sage Plc group strategy for banking partnerships and payment alliances in the region.

Mr. Pittaway has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of internet based business solutions and transactional services

Clyde van Wyk

Clyde is one of the founding members of the PaySpace. He has over 15 years of experience and started his career supporting the development of internally developed CRM products at an internet service provider. He then moved into an integral role at a software development company, where he was an integral part of rewriting an e-commerce website for a blue-chip company. His hard work and dedication led to a 300% increase in online sales for the company.

Clyde wrote the very first line of code for PaySpace, the flagship product of the IT Insight Group in 2002.  His innovation with PaySpace has sparked and built up Clyde’s reputation for being a forward-thinker, and a leader in creating new solutions for businesses by utilising today’s technology.  Due to Clyde’s diligent role in the creating, designing, developing and implementing of PaySpace, PaySpace has become one of the leading products in technology for businesses all over the world.

Along with his achievements as a software developer, Clyde is also the architect of the legislative tax calculations within payroll products. As he helped to design and write this code, he has the best knowledge to manage all calculations to the utmost accuracy, and at a timely rate.

Clyde also assisted in establishing the PaySpace Academy, which is a program that recruits fresh young adults out of well-established universities. PaySpace Academy has contributed heavily to the success of PaySpace, by helping the company to create a hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgeable workforce. Through PaySpace Academy, young college graduates with good skills and sharp minds are invited to become leaders at PaySpace and contribute their skills. The mission of PaySpace Academy is for Clyde to develop strong leaders by finding the best talent for the company to succeed, going forward.