Rwanda Tax Tables update

Rwanda Tax Tables Update

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has announced a new law establishing taxes on income no. 027/2022 of 20/10/2022 published in the official gazette no special of 28/10/2022. Considering that due to the Rwanda Tax Tables update, the tax administrati...

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Ghana SSNIT contribution calculations

Ghana SSNIT Contribution Calculations

As per the changes in the DT0107a report, there was a requirement on pension to carry the excess contributions calculated on Tier 1 and Tier 2, to Tier 3.
Enhancements have been made to cater for this. Please refer to the sections below for more information. This is applicable to the Ghana SSNIT Contribution Calculations.

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support talk

PaySpace Support Talk

PAYSPACE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customer Support Talk A quick reference page with the latest news, tips and tricks from the PaySpace Customer Support Desk. Select the month below to view news and feedback from the PaySpace Customer Support Team Nov...

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