Training & Skills Management

The PaySpace Training Module is a Training Record System.

The module allows a client to track what training was planned, attended and completed for its workforce. The module has company level setups and a library that can be attached to employee level. All fields relate course details, cost and reporting.

PaySpace Training Courses

Manage a Skilled Workforce

PaySpace Training & Skills Management Module assists companies in managing their workforce’s training requirements by enabling users to create training courses and capturing details such as course cost, NQF level, credits, whether the course is SAQA registered and much more.

Companies are able to build up a qualifications and skills repository that in turn is linked to employees so that employees can quickly be identified when specific skills or qualifications are being looked for.

Set Employees up for Success

Easily schedule employees for training, inform them electronically and monitor their progress. View an employee’s skills gap analysis against a specific position’s minimum requirements to assist in creating a career development plan to help them integrate into the company and their role.

PaySpace also provide various reports to assist you in completing annual training reports and compiling workplace skills plans.

Possible Training Triggers within PaySpace


Performance Management

Low scoring areas may require a training course as an intervention to rectify the problem.


Position Required Training

Use the position required training report in PaySpace to identify employees who need to attend relevant training courses.

Skills Gap

Identify skills gaps using the employee level skills gaps analysis screen in PaySpace.


Course Certificate Expiry

System Notification Available

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