Product Overview

No matter the size of your business or your payroll and HR requirements, we have the PaySpace solution that’s right for you.

PaySpace Solutions

Cloud-native single instance multi-tenant
A single, secure online database serving multiple customers simultaneously. This streamlined architecture is scalable and efficient, catering to different users delivering performance and security.
Access on any device
PaySpace is accessible on mobile, tablet, or desktop, allowing you to login and work at anytime from anywhere.
Multilingual System
Available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, French, Portuguese, and Polish. This allows users to interact with the system in their preferred language, making it more user-friendly and accessible.
API Integration (Web Services)
Enables integration with third-party software using pre-defined API calls. Our robust API endpoints allow access to employee data for use in your business environment and supports data input from external systems, enhancing operational efficiency.
Security Roles
Configure role-based security with specific permissions to effectively control access and protect sensitive data.
Bulk Uploads
Import multiple transactions in one go, such as leave transactions, payroll input and new employees using an Excel file.
Basic Workflows
This workflow ensures streamlined decision-making by limiting approvals to just one level, exclusively handled by direct supervisors, enhancing efficiency and clarity.
Essential Standard Reports
Access pre-defined reports tailored for small businesses and startups, ensuring compliance with essential legislative requirements.
Comprehensive Reports
Building on Essential Standard Reports, this suite offers a wide array of detailed reports. Designed for comprehensive insights, it encompasses all facets of your business operations. It is ideal for informed decision-making and provides a complete overview of your workforce, catering to more advanced reporting requirements.
Sandbox Environment
Test features and calculations in a secure, risk-free demo environment without affecting your live system.
Advanced Workflows
Empowers users to design complex, multi-level approval processes. This feature facilitates the creation of customisable workflows that align with an organisation’s unique structure and requirements, enhancing decision-making with its versatile and detailed approach.
Custom Fields
Offers dynamic customisation with unlimited user-defined fields for both employee and company levels, enabling a tailored system that precisely fits your unique requirements.
Custom Forms
Develop unlimited custom forms for employee or company levels.
Custom Report Writer
Create custom reports by dragging and dropping the relevant fields from the available system data. This is enabled by the power of DevExpress

PaySpace Payroll

Effortless GL Integration
Seamlessly post ledger files directly into Xero, QuickBooks, and Acumatica, streamlining your financial processes. This integration eliminates manual download and upload, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.
General Ledger Configuration
Whether selecting from pre-defined layouts or designing your own, this feature offers unmatched customisation to align with your unique accounting requirements. Experience complete control over your general ledger configuration.
Effortless Payroll Automation
Experience hassle-free payroll management with automated, run-free processes. Minimal manual input is needed. You can handle bank files and payslips while the automation takes care of backups and processing.
Unlimited Interim Payslip Runs
Generate as many interim payslips as needed within your payroll, offering flexibility to your payroll process.
Statutory Reporting by Country
Effortlessly access country-specific statutory reports for seamless monthly and year-end compliance, tailored for smooth regulatory submissions.
Automatic Medical Scheme Rate Updates (South Africa only)
Automatically updates medical aid rate tables for South African users, eliminating manual setup and ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
Automated UIF Submission (South Africa only)
Easily submit UIF files to the South African Department of Labour with automated processing. This streamlines the submission process, requiring no manual intervention for added convenience and efficiency.
Mock Payslip Generator
With our mock-payslip feature, we quickly and effortlessly generate accurate payslips for recruits, including precise legislative calculations.
Additional Tax Countries
Access tax legislation for more than 40 countries, ensuring compliance in your specific region with the Lite version or across multiple countries with Premier and Master. This feature offers country-specific tax laws, catering to diverse regional compliance needs.
Advanced Costing
Allocate costs at an organisational level and specify costs at project or activity level.
Third-party Payment Files
Simplify payments to external entities using banking files for secure transactions.
Expense Claims: One Approver
Simplify expense management with a streamlined approval process that involves only one approval step, ensuring efficient and straightforward expense claim handling.
Expense Claims: Multi-level Approval
Implement a flexible, multi-level approval process for expense claims, allowing for thorough and accurate verification through multiple levels of approval. This feature offers customisation to fit your specific needs.
Custom Payslips
Tailor your payslips with custom configurations to meet your needs. This feature is powered by the DevExpress reporting tool.
Retroactive Salary Calculation
Automatically calculate backdated salaries, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in managing retroactive pay adjustments.
Multi-currency Payment File via Expat Module
Generate payment files in various foreign currencies with ease.
Automated Tax Equalisation via Expat Module
Calculate tax in local currency and convert it to foreign currency for international compliance.

PaySpace HR

Basic Employee Management
Centralise crucial employee information, including demographic details, for effective management.
Organisational Structures: Single level
Establish a straightforward organisational structure with a single hierarchy level for efficient and simplified management.
Position Management: Basic
Record essential employee position details, including position title and effective date, to establish the fundamental framework for position management.
Essential Leave Management
Simplify leave management with up to three different leave schemes that offer essential functionalities.
Employee Self-Service: Basic
Employee self-service simplifies tasks like viewing payslips, submitting leave requests to your manager, accessing personal information, and obtaining tax certificates. For advanced workflow and claims management functionality, explore the Premier and Master versions.
Users can effortlessly attach and associate any necessary documents directly with individual employees, streamlining document management.
Organisational Structures: Multi-level
Establish a flexible organisational structure with unlimited hierarchical levels.
Position Management: Advanced
Capture comprehensive position information, including job descriptions, required skills, and qualifications. This advanced feature provides deeper insights into each position, enabling precise management and strategic planning.
Advanced Leave Configuration
Elevate leave management with Advanced Leave Configuration. Create unlimited leave schemes with advanced options, effortlessly managing diverse leave scenarios.
Employee Self-Service: Expense Claims Simplified
Empower employees and managers to submit and approve expense claims effortlessly via the employee self-service portal.
Manager Self-Service
Oversee and act on behalf of your team members efficiently with Manager Self-Service.
On-boarding & Termination Notifications
Configure custom notifications for onboarding and termination processes, ensuring timely alerts and updates.
Equity Management & Reports (South Africa only)
Efficiently manage employment equity and compliance in South Africa. Our tool simplifies creating EEA2 and EEA4 reports, ensuring streamlined and compliant reporting processes.
Disciplinary & Incident Management
Maintain records of disputes and offences relating to disciplinary procedures, including labour court and arbitration information. Easily set up and customise various incidents, integrating them into employee records for efficient tracking.
Effortlessly link and track qualifications on employee profiles, providing a detailed view of their professional credentials.
Training Management
Establish a training calendar and facilitate multiple training transactions. Employees can request available training through self-service, streamlining the training process.
Skills Management
Automatically update your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) with training transactions captured through the system.
Employee Notes & Reminders
Easily capture notes and set reminders at employee level. Automated email or SMS reminders and notifications ensure timely follow-ups and improved task management.
Asset Register
Record assets linked to employee profiles, such as laptops, cellphones, power banks, UPS, etc., for effective asset tracking and management.
Action Types OR Recorded Employee Actions
Easily log key actions like performance improvement plans and promotions in employee profiles, providing a clear and accessible record for efficient management.
Employee Request
Enable employees and administrators to initiate employee requests by completing customer-defined documents and sending them for approval via well-traced workflow steps.

PaySpace Add-On Modules


WhatsApp Employee Self-service (Pacey)
Experience innovative employee self-service through WhatsApp, enabling quick and convenient payroll and HR requests.
Cloud Room
A secure portal for submitting sensitive information with audit trails for transparency, ensuring access is restricted to relevant users for enhanced security.
TymeAdvance (Salary Advance – South Africa Only)
Get instant, low-cost access to earned salaries with TymeAdvance. This non-loan solution integrates seamlessly with PaySpace, ensuring a smooth working relationship, for companies at no extra cost.
Power BI
Leverage Microsoft Power BI for real-time, interactive access to consolidated payroll and HR data across companies or groups.
Cloud Analytics
Utilise QlikView-powered Cloud Analytics for real-time, interactive insights into payroll and HR data, complete with pre-defined reports.
Enhance your hiring process with our end-to-end recruitment platform powered by Breezy HR. Streamline team support and attract top talent quickly and effortlessly with this user-friendly, feature-rich software.
Efficiently generate visual organisational charts using your HR data on PaySpace, providing clear insights into your company's structure.
Performance Management & Succession Planning
Enhance workforce performance and plan succession with ease. Our tool lets you create custom appraisal templates, monitor goals, and integrate feedback, supporting employee development and retention.
Workforce Planning
Forecast and analyse workforce headcounts and costs in real-time with PaySpace Workforce Planning. This tool aids in making strategic HR decisions and improving operational efficiency.
Power Automate
Streamline your workflows using Microsoft Power Automate. Create custom notifications and workflows outside of PaySpace using our APIs and webhooks for enhanced functionality.
Expat Management: Multi-currency
Effortlessly manage multi-country, multi-currency salary processing with a single payslip. Our Expat Management tool includes automated gross-up and advanced tax equalisation features for complex scenarios.
Workday Connector
Efficiently connect Workday HCM and PaySpace with our GPC-certified Workday Connector. This system automates key data integration, ensuring smooth, up-to-date payroll management.
Priority Project Support
Access premium support with PaySpace Priority. Enjoy dedicated Account Managers, personalised consultant services, and proactive project assistance for a seamless experience.