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A guide to the full e@syFile™ Employer EMP501 submission process via PaySpace

This informal and interactive virtual workshop will clarify the process of completing your Tax  Year End Submission – EMP501 Reconciliation via the Electronic Submission Channel as prescribed by SARS.

The PaySpace Payroll Tax Year End Submission Workshop will guide you through the process of completing the EMP501 Reconciliation, generating the CSV Tax File for submission on e@syFile™ Employer.

During the Employer Reconciliation process, employers are required to submit their Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501), which reconciles the taxes collected from employees with the payments made to SARS and the total tax value of employees’ tax amounts, for the respective period. We will take you through this process. 

The Payspace Payroll Tax Year End Submission Workshop will focus on:

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