Succession & Talent Management

Nothing is more important to an organisation than retaining and building valuable talent. PaySpace cleverly enables managers to give insight into an employeeโ€™s potential for promotion, the timing of the promotion, their risk of leaving and their possible reason for wanting to leave when appraising an employee.

The ratings on these areas are consolidated into intuitive dashboards that allow an organisation to identify the right people for the right places within the business and that the right talent is retained. If organisations can quickly identify problems with high potential employees they can ensure these employees are kept happy. Succession planning seamlessly integrates with the performance management module, at no additional cost, with powerful dashboards built into Cloud Analytics.

PaySpace Succession Planning

Identify the Best Fit for Your Organisation

The ability to compare and rate employees across the same dimensions provides an organisation with invaluable insight as to who their high performers and potentials future leaders are. Using talent pools that are aligned to our competency-based framework, users are able to set targets and measure how employees are stacking up. This information, along with their succession profile, proactively identifies go-to employees and greatly assists companies to develop these individuals for job transitions and career planning.

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