Payroll & compliance training to empower you to use the PaySpace software to its fullest capacity

We offer various payroll & compliance training options to meet your needs. From eLearning at your own pace to onsite training.  Whether you are new to PaySpace or an experienced user, our courses follow a basic, advanced and practical design to expand your PaySpace knowledge. Join our expert lecturers in an informal and hands-on approach to support you in becoming proficient on PaySpace.

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Payroll Administration Training

This course will be beneficial to new payroll administrators to obtain the necessary information to comply with South-Africa’s payroll statutory requirements.
Any new payroll user is welcome and encouraged to attend the training course and ensure your monthly and annual statutory requirements are fully filled.


Essentials Training

Essentials Training is designed for the new PaySpace user. Essentials Training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to process a complete payroll cycle on PaySpace. The content covered in this course will enable you to take full ownership of all your periodic relevant payroll tasks.


Advanced Features Training

Advanced Features Training is ideal for the experienced PaySpace user who has attended Essentials Training.  Advanced Features Training will provide the user with the necessary knowledge and skills to configure and maintain parameters on company level, thereby maximising the advanced functionalities on PaySpace.


Africa Compliance Training

Africa Compliance Training is customised for the user who requires a fundamental understanding of a country’s payroll legislation. The content covered in this course will empower the user to utilise the functionalities pertaining to the country as a tax authority on PaySpace, thereby ensuring a legislatively compliant payroll.


Cloud Room Training

Cloud Room is a secure portal within the system designed to support a payroll outsourcing environment. Cloud Room enables customers of an Outsourcing Service Provider to submit information to the payroll and vice versa for processing and response purposes. Information can also be tracked and audited, thus ensuring transparency during the process.


Performance Management Training

PaySpace has a comprehensive and flexible performance management tool that will assist an organisation in assessing their employees and ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round. This module can be utilised as a review or a survey tool, allowing you to conduct several processes e.g. Performance Reviews, 360° Reviews, Probation Period Review, Induction Surveys, and Exit Surveys, to name a few.


Workforce Planning Training

The Workforce Planning Module enables companies to accurately plan, forecast and analyse workforce head-counts and costs in real-time. This module allows an organisation to estimate the impact of internal position changes on the financial budget, quantify and demonstrate the business value of new headcount and to set-up recruitment plans based on headcount forecast, to name a few benefits.


Cloud Analytics Training

Cloud Analytics is a self-service business intelligence (BI) platform that allows the user to consolidate and aggregate payroll data optimally, resulting in information being analysed quickly and effectively to support informed decision making.


Power BI Training

The Power BI Module allows you to connect and visualize payroll data using a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) that helps you gain deeper data insight.