5 Key Reasons why PaySpace is the Benchmark
in Payroll & HR Software

Easy to work with:

At PaySpace, like our application, we are easy to work with, to reach decision makers or our specialist support and service team. Our HCM application is easy to access anywhere, any-time, to understand, use and train others.

Optimal Scalability and Reach:

You can quickly use our HCM application on a just-in-time basis – use what you need when you want. We have clients who employ a few staff to many thousands. We help both small companies become ‘smart corporates’, and organisations of any size who value their people and seeking to develop, maintain and run their people management operations along international best practice standards. No complex commercial model, pay for what you need, expand and contract as you require. Plus, we meet complex multi-country payroll and compliance requirements as and when you need them.

Agility and Transparency in Design and Approach:

PaySpace is built around a single employee record so the system uses the same information for every interaction. There is no need to manually duplicate employee information across multiple disparate systems or embark on expensive, time-consuming integration projects to sync data periodically. Real-time changes provide a single source of truth.

We constantly seek feedback and input from many of our 3,100+ clients. This has enabled us to continually improve the agility and ease of how our current and new clients use our applications and engage all stakeholders, including 3rd parties, management and staff. In today’s economic climate it’s all about agility, making it uncomplicated to swiftly meet the most complex of requirements both now and any-time in the future.

Low Operational Costs:

As a cloud provider, PaySpace owns and maintains all of our software which means PaySpace costs less, because you don’t need to pay for all the people, products, and facilities to run our applications. PaySpace is more scalable, more secure, and more reliable than most on-premise applications. Plus, upgrades are taken care of for you, so you get security and performance enhancements and new features – automatically and free of charge.

Customers are only billed for the number of employees that they pay in a given month thereby providing flexibility and value for money.

Access anywhere and a no plug in required mobile site all geared for low-cost easy access by employees and operational managers a like provides a great platform for you to run your HR operations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Strategic Compliance, Governance and Performance Monitoring:

PaySpace is always up to date. Fully maintained to ensure the system constantly meets legislative needs. With in built audit, monitoring and user access security profiles coupled with business process work-flows ensures the capability to meet and monitor attainment of the most demanding governance standards.

In addition, you are able to configure and monitor real-time and full historical trends of key performance indicators and analysis of all aspects of people management across your organisations, at the individual, team and organisation (multi-company/country) level ensuring adoption and recognition of best practice and attainment.

Rest assured that your data is safe, secure in transit and at rest and backed up, we have woven best practice security and disaster recovery processes into the fabric of everything we do.

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