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Speed Up Resume Searching

PaySpace has teamed up with RChilli, who are specialists in resume parsing technology, to bring you powerful functionality that will enable you to search through resumes across your organisation faster and more efficiently than ever before

Locate “Hot” Information in Any Format

Every person’s resume has “hot” information that is hidden amongst vast amounts of content. This information is firstly, difficult to locate and secondly, difficult to search through when you have potentially hundreds or thousands of resumes scattered across your organisation in various electronic formats.

When certain skills or qualifications are required for a vacant position or for a particular project, quickly identifying a qualified person is usually a time consuming process for any HR professional and often this kind of exercise results in an expensive recruitment process or the hiring of an expensive consultant.

PaySpace gives companies the ability to quickly search through all employees’ resumes that have been uploaded to their profiles, in doc, pdf, docx, html, txt or rtf format, in order to identify specialised or scarce skills.

Consolidated, Unsolicited Resume Database

Most companies have a large collection of resumes that have been collected through previous recruitment processes and these could be extremely valuable when future needs arise. PaySpace gives companies the ability to upload all of these unsolicited resumes onto PaySpace, so that they are stored in a centralised, consolidated environment and most importantly, that anyone in the organisation can search through them.

Save up to 80% of your time, money and resources!

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