Employee Self Service

Employee and manager self-service functionality allow users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. Items include but are not limited to leave applications, leave balances, payslips, various claims, change requests, training and performance management.

Management & Employee Access to Information

It’s a challenge to deliver a secure and cost effective HR operations especially for any multi-site or mobile workforce. What model companies chose to adopt will vary from choosing external advisors to hiring internal specialists. Globally, we’re seeing a trend towards a more self-service based approach where managers have greater autonomy and the ability to do their job effectively as their staff wish to communicate and undertake specific HR actions where and whenever they want – even if they’re not on company premises.

PaySpace is all about access to information so employees are able to access their information at all times. Historical payslips are always available without the need to perform a ‘restore operation’. Employees can do on-screen comparisons between multiple payslips in order to identify trends within the business, as well as request that payslips be sent to their mobile phones via text message.

Payroll and HR departments do not get involved at all when it comes to providing employees access to their profiles. Employees register themselves and define their own passwords which eliminates the maintenance burden typically involved with administrating employee self-service solutions.

Employees can apply for leave, access tax certificates and capture expense claims that are sent via a workflow approval chain where the payslips are automatically updated without having to compile complex batch files outside of the system in order to upload into the payroll.

PaySpace has a configurable commission calculator that allows a manager to capture their team’s commission input whether it be monetary or unit based. PaySpace will then automatically calculate the commission value based on the company’s commission rules, and send it through a workflow approval chain where it is automatically added to the employee’s payslip.

Top Class Self Service User Experience

When a company effectively and successfully redistributes responsibility to all employees, a business culture based on real-time information, informed decisions are the result. The delegation of administrative tasks to employees and managers, enables both HR and IT to refocus their attention to more strategic, bottom-line issues. The PaySpace user experience is singularly focused on extending access to every user while ensuring simplicity is always at the forefront in the execution.

Advantages of ESS

  • Employee self-service allows employees to access their personal, work and benefits information online, from any browser.
  • Manage time away from the office by viewing leave balance and applying for leave online.
  • Submit timesheets electronically.
  • Reduced paperwork for HR departments.
  • Increased transaction accuracy.
  • Employees with access to self-service can answer many of their own questions independently, which translates into a reduction in phone calls to human resources and payroll departments.
  • 24/7 Access.
  • Environmentally-friendly.

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