Leave Management

Caters for Simplistic & Complex

Our leave module is all encompassing and extremely easy to use. Whether a company offers the standard statutory leave accruals or if requirements are more advanced; such as multiple annual leave types with complex non-accumulative forfeiture rules, PaySpace can manage your leave processes while integrating to Payroll seamlessly.

Great Flexibility

PaySpace deliver pre-configured statutory leave on top of which users can also configure as many additional leave types as necessary in accordance with simple or complicated leave policies. Leave can be given upfront or accrued in units such as days or hours. More advanced accrual definitions can be based on length of service or salary grade.

Forfeiture rules are flexible and can be configured to drop off completely, or shift leave to different leave buckets based on anniversary date or a fixed date for all employees.

Advanced settings allow users to restrict negative leave, only accrue leave for new employees if they joined before a certain day of the month, the ability to toggle mandatory attachments and much more.

Access to Information

Employees can view current and projected leave balances when applying for leave, cancel leave, attach any supporting documentation to leave requests as well as channel a leave request through an approval path according to simple reporting lines. More advanced workflow configurations are also available where administrators can define unlimited workflow approval paths.

Seamless Integration with Payroll

Automated accurate payroll leave provision calculations are fed directly via the leave administration module where any fluctuation in employee leave balances translate into accurate provision costing for budget purposes. Upon termination, automated leave encashment options can be utilised where the user can firstly, view the amount of leave pay, perform the necessary pay-out, and reduce the leave balance accordingly – all in a single action.

Vast flexibility is also available with regards to defining leave pay income. Although the BCEA averaging leave pay income requirement is a standard delivered feature within the product, PaySpace allow the user more flexibility around averaging options.


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