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PaySpace Manager and Employee Self Service

Employee and manager self-service functionality allow users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks with workflow approvals. Items include but are not limited to leave applications, leave balances, payslips, various claims, change requests, training and performance management.

Manager and Employee Self Service – Access to Information

It’s a challenge to deliver a secure and cost-effective HR operation especially for any multi-site or mobile workforce. What model companies chose to adopt will vary from choosing external advisors to hiring internal specialists. Globally, we’re seeing a trend towards a more self-service based approach where managers have greater autonomy and the ability to do their job effectively as their staff wish to communicate and undertake specific HR actions where and whenever they want – even if they’re not on company premises.

PaySpace is all about access to information so employees are able to access their information at all times. Historical payslips are always available without the need to perform a ‘restore operation’. Employees can do on-screen comparisons between multiple payslips in order to identify trends within the business, as well as request that payslips be sent to their mobile phones via text message.

Payroll and HR departments do not get involved at all when it comes to providing employees access to their profiles. Employees register themselves and define their own passwords which eliminate the maintenance burden typically involved with administrating employee self-service solutions.

Employees can apply for leave, access tax certificates and capture expense claims that are sent via a workflow approval chain where the payslips are automatically updated without having to compile complex batch files outside of the system in order to upload into the payroll.

Overview:  PaySpace Manager and Employee Self ServicePortal

Login Experience

PaySpace-Login-Page Manager and Employee Self Service

Create a personalised branded login experience for all your users.

There is a brand-new login page that all users will be exposed to – whether you are a company level administrator or an ESS user. Customers will have the option to upload a custom background image onto PaySpace that will magically show when a user has entered their email address and tabs away or clicks on the password field. Just a few clicks and you will create a personalised branded login experience for all your users! While you’re there, add a bit more polish to your ESS portal by changing the theme colour of buttons and the nav bar to suite your company identity.
Last but not least, on the personalisation topic, we have added Afrikaans, Zulu, French and Portuguese as languages a user can select to browse the portal in!

All employee self-service users will be directed to our new ESS dashboard that will contain many exciting widgets and all company level administrator type users will be directed to the existing PaySpace portal. It is important to note that there will be options in both the new and existing application portals to navigate between the portals should users require to do so.

Landing Page Dashboard

The landing page dashboard will contain a bunch of handy widgets that will make life very easy for users.

02-dashboard-2 Manager and Employee Self Service

Here is a brief summary:

Click on the tabs below to view Standard Dashboard Widgets

The leave widget shows the employee’s annual leave balance, a reminder of any upcoming approved leave and who is sitting with any pending leave applications in the approval chain. Feeling sick? Press the “Off Sick” button, and a leave application for today will automatically be populated and all you have to do is click “Send”, get back into bed and your manager will receive the application request. Quickly add the upcoming leave entry to your desktop/mobile calendar by simply clicking on it. Also, access the leave application screen directly.

widget-leave-1 Manager and Employee Self Service

Simply click on the relevant month in order to see a quick summary of the respective month’s payslips and easily navigate to the full payslip for more details.

widget-payslip-1 Manager and Employee Self Service

Quickly see which expense claims are currently in workflow, access any claims in draft or easily create a new claim in a much-improved way.

Claim-New Manager and Employee Self Service

The inbox widget will show a profile picture of who has sent you an item for approval. Clicking “Action” will also show profile pictures of who has actioned the item previously as well as who must still action it if there are multiple workflow users involved – No more guessing where items are going next.

widget-inbox-1 Manager and Employee Self Service

The “My Team” widget shows all employees that directly report to you and you can order them by the latest upcoming activity as of today i.e. going on or returning from leave, whose birthday it is, who is joining or leaving your team. By clicking or tapping on an employee profile photo, you can access their public profile (more on this under the Employee Directory later).

widget-team-1 Manager and Employee Self Service

The documents and links widget allow users to quickly access any company related documentation or external website links that your company has uploaded i.e. HR policies or website links to your company medical aid or pension/group life websites.

widget-documents-links Manager and Employee Self Service

Employee Directory

Empl-Directory Manager and Employee Self Service

Instantaneously search for and access any other employee’s public profiles.

We have introduced a central online employee directory for all employees to be able to instantaneously search for and access any other employees public profile within the group of companies – complete with a beautiful customizable banner and employee photo. Related contact details such as work number and work email will be available as well as where the employee resides in the organisation structure so that you can track anyone down. Employee photos will show who the person reports to and who in turn reports to them and a user can easily traverse up and down the reporting line tree by clicking on the respective profile photo’s.

Act on Behalf of

The manager view concept has been removed in favour of a greatly enhanced manager self-service experience. Manager self-service access will now be administered through a security role (which is configured and maintained on the existing portal). We will automatically create this role for all customers that are using the manager view function currently and set it up according to your current configuration. Please note that not all manager view functions will be available at the get-go (our teams are vigorously working so that these can be added very soon). If a manager needs to access a feature that is not yet available, they will be able to easily flip over to the existing portal.

On the new ESS portal, if a manager has anyone reporting to them, they can simply select an employee for whom they wish to action something on behalf of and the relevant menu options will show what a manager can do on their behalf. For go live of the new portal, managers will be able to apply for leave, capture an expense claim or view/maintain their basic profile details on behalf of an employee – if the company allows this.

act-on-behalf-of-anim Manager and Employee Self Service

From Manager View to Manager Self Service.

Company Calendar

Company-Calander-Crop Manager and Employee Self Service

Always know who will be out of the office with our interactive company calendar.

Always know who will be out of the office with our interactive company calendar. Employees who report to you will automatically show and you can toggle on and traverse entire departments to see who is around. Also toggle on other activities such as birthdays. The Agenda tab shows all upcoming events in the next week for your direct team such as who is joining, leaving, who is on leave and whose birthday it is. Soon you will be able to subscribe to a weekly email of these events so that you know what is going on in your team on a weekly basis.

Leave Applications

We have built in smart logic into the leave calendar when applying for leave. When calendar days are crossed out it means a user cannot select these days and it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have already got a leave application for those days
  • Your captured work cycle says you do not work on those days
  • Your balance does not allow you to apply for those days
  • It’s a public holiday
  • You are exceeding the amount of configured consecutive days you can take at any one time
  • You are applying for less days than the configured minimum

Also see a picture of who the next approver is for the leave application, so you know exactly where it’s going next.

Leave-Application-Crop Manager and Employee Self Service

Built-in smart logic into the leave calendar when applying for leave.

A Creative Spin on Old Favourites!

Existing Users – Best News!

On 1 March, we are launched the brand new Employee Self Service (ESS) portal! This launch enables us to deliver on two key objectives regarding how we engage with our customers – user experience and system sustainability. The new portal delivers a completely fresh, beautifully crisp and clean user experience. It also includes new features and enhancements (less clicking and less wording) that will automatically scale to any device (mobile or desktop).

The new ESS portal is completely compatible with the existing portal so if an employee had to apply for leave on the new portal, their manager can approve it on the existing system and vice versa – no mess, no fuss!

We invite clients to connect with PaySpace if you need more information or assistance with the transformation. We hope you enjoy working on the new Self Service portal just as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

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