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Workforce Planning

PaySpace Workforce Planning enables companies to accurately plan and analyse workforce headcounts and costs in real-time that offers trusted numbers thanks to the workforce planning module that is directly integrated into the PaySpace solution.

Prepare, Forecast and Analyse your Workforce

Managers are able to provide insight to executive management based on different scenarios. Users are able to create vacant jobs for forecasting purposes and perform various what-if cost scenarios using our mock payslip which is directly linked to the payroll engine thereby ensuring accurate costs.

Business controls percentage increase values for cost components, based on grades to ensure strategic financial alignment during increase time. Costing forecasts will automatically consider these increase percentages based on effective dates without management involvement.

Once executive management has “signed off” the forecasted headcount and costs for budget purposes, a snapshot of everything can be labelled and archived for future reporting and comparison purposes.

Pre-delivered reports provide insight into workforce composition and cost with the ability to analyse every detail and export to your accounting solution.

PaySpace enables companies to set up and circulate the budget quickly and within guidelines which improves business satisfaction.

Benefits of Workforce Planning

  • Minimize duplication, errors and omissions
  • Eliminate unnecessary cycles
  • Enforce standards and consistency across the process execution
  • Estimate the impact of internal position changes on the financial budget
  • Quantify and demonstrate the business value of new headcount
  • Ensure anything that can go wrong is planned and mitigated by performing risk adjustment of budgets
  • Align hiring with strategic direction of the organization
  • Setup recruitment plans based on headcount forecasts
  • Account for every job using a unique job number for each headcount
  • Include external labour broker costs
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