Reclaim your time

Leave legacy payroll procedures in the past with an intuitive and modern software solution. Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with simplified data capturing. Embedded legislation ensures continuous compliance and accurate payroll, with no action required from you.

reclaim your time

Time saving benefits

Why choose PaySpace as your payroll and HR solutions provider

With over 11 000 customers and 1,6 million logins per month. Don’t take our word for it. Let the numbers speak for themselves. We have supported and trained companies of all sizes and industries since 2002 with innovative payroll and HR solutions.

Discover the right payroll and HR solutions for your business

Whatever the size or industry of your business in Africa – we have a solution for you.

reclaim your time


The ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses.

Easy to use payroll.
Anytime. Anywhere.

reclaim your time


Suitable for medium to large-sized businesses.

Power-packed payroll for any size business incl. HR and Employee Self-Service (ESS).

reclaim your time


Perfect for enterprise and multi-national businesses.

Flagship payroll and HR solutions for all your people management needs.

reclaim your time


Available to any size business across Africa.

Accurate and on-time payroll processing by experts and industry specialists.

Payroll and HR features purposely built
with your business in mind

reclaim your time

Small business

Out of the box set-up
Automatics legislative updates
Pay-as-you-go payments

reclaim your time

Medium-sized business

Easy to deploy and maintain
Employee and manager self-service on any device
Automatic back-up process

reclaim your time

Enterprise business

Expatriate management and international compliance
Multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language
API Integration

reclaim your time


PaySpace own and manage the platform
Dedicated high-performing business focused on
ensuring accurate payroll processing
Real-time access to payroll, HR, and self-service.

Are you ready to reclaim your time with a perfect payroll and HR solution?