Refer leads to PaySpace and earn gift vouchers!

The PaySpace Referral Program gives our loyal customers and fans the opportunity to spread the love! The best part – we will even reward you for it. Refer any business to PaySpace and your successful referral will earn you a gift voucher to the value of R100 – R5 000, or $7 – $320 if you are outside South Africa.

How does it work?

payspace refer and earn
payspace refer and earn
payspace refer and earn

Step 1

Identify a potential PaySpace customer.

Step 2

Refer your lead to PaySpace.

Step 3

For each qualified lead, you will be rewarded a voucher with a value corresponding to the referral company size.

How much can you earn?

Employee Bracket

choose your plan

1 - 25 Employees

26 - 200 Employees

201 - 500 Employees

501 - 1000 Employees

1001 - 2500 Employees

2501+ Employees

South Africa


per month




R1 250.00

R3 000.00

R5 000.00



per month







What else do you need to know?


Will my referral be considered?

At PaySpace we consider a qualified referral as new lead that has not been submitted before by anyone else. This would also mean that we have not been in contact with the potential customer in the last 12 months.


How will I know if my lead was successful?

Our Refer & Earn Department will inform you once your lead has signed our quote.


When will I receive my voucher?

You will receive your gift voucher within the first 3 months of the new customer’s live subscription.