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Payroll Outsourcing Services

PaySpace Payroll Outsourcing offers an enterprise level payroll solution that grows with your business. Our software is developed and maintained in-house giving you direct access to latest legislation and software features, with no delays. Our footprint in various countries and industries have supplied us with proven methods of operation to ensure best payroll practice and knowledge share with our clients with the focus on punctual accuracy. Scale your business across borders swiftly and effectively with always-on payroll experts at your disposal.

The 9 Why’s of Payroll Outsourcing to PaySpace

Airtight Multi-Layer Checking Processes

1.Many in-house payroll departments lack the manpower and timeframes to guarantee multiple review and governance processes by different resources to ensure accuracy. The PaySpace Payroll Outsourcing multilayer governance approach ensures at least 2 and in most cases 3 layers of separate compound interacting authority structures on your payroll, supported by expert and industry specialists.

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Always-On Payroll Department

2.Payroll downtime due to staff replacements, resignations, vacations or sickness is a reality and should not be an option. Payroll Outsourcing will safeguard your company’s payroll even during times it normally wouldn’t be.

Access to Top-End True Cloud Software

3.Payroll downtime due to staff replacements, resignations, vacations or sickness is a reality and should not be an option. Payroll Outsourcing will safeguard your company’s payroll even during times it normally wouldn’t be.

Knowledge is Power

4.PaySpace offers Payroll Outsourcing in over 39 African Countries to clients of all sizes and industries. Processing thousands of payslips monthly, our payroll specialists not only understand all types of payroll complexities, best-practices and legislative pitfalls but can apply the exposure to multiple client scenarios to all existing clients to ensure more robust solutions and compliance.

Data protection compliance (GDPR & POPI) and Easy Data-Share

5.Gone are the days of sharing payroll input via antiquated processes or platforms such as email. Unique built-in modules like PaySpace Cloud Room provides a secure online platform to exchange all-encompassing payroll information. The Cloud Room facility is fully integrated with a ticket management system to allow the track- and tracing of all payroll data, ensuring you can easily review and audit your payroll progress.

Top Talent at Your Disposal

6.Recruitment is a time consuming and expensive exercise. Acquiring top talent for your payroll and HR departments can leave you in a bind and the risk of staff turnover is always a reality. This challenge becomes even more compounded with cross-border hires. Through an Outsourcing Service, you have the continuity peace of mind. Payroll specialists are already at the wheel offering you years of experience at a fraction of an internal hire cost.

Save on Overheads

7.Not only is it expensive to recruit, but there is also a huge amount of in-house overhead costs associated with workforce expansion. This includes offering attractive benefits to top talent, capex, office space, and more. With Outsourcing, you not only save on these costs but avoid them all together.

Save on Training

8.Trained staff always perform better, but this poses a challenge for companies with limited resources in terms of time away from the office and additional investment to upskill staff. Through Payroll Outsourcing you get a taskforce who already possess the skills required and the ongoing maintenance of legislative knowledge is incorporated into the per payslip fee.

Simplify Inhouse HR

9.Businesses will always account for in-house staffs leave allowances, performance reviews, increase, bonus commitments, and other benefits. When Outsourcing Payroll, you won’t have to worry about managing these time-consuming and expensive processes.

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Process your weekly and monthly payrolls, generate payslips and tax certificates in the African country of your choice. Our payroll specialists have the know-how and expertise to guide your business with the local service you require and the advanced technology you need to manage and grow your payroll.

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