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Why good customer service drives greater value than product or price

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Can good customer service drive greater value than product or price?

Customer experience through customer service, or the overall impression of a business throughout the duration of a customer’s journey, has become more important as a differentiator than price and product and has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and profit. 

There are many ways for a business to create outstanding customer experiences, such as top-notch customer service, ensuring proactive customer engagement, and building excellent customer relations. 

 At PaySpace, we believe in driving customer value through customer support.  A focus on customer service is what drives our competitive edge. When an organisation understands why it does business, people buy into that belief and its product. If your ‘why’ is to support your customers’ needs, then your growth happens automatically. 

 Why do companies change their payroll software provider? 

There are many reasons why a company might consider changing its payroll software provider. They may have experienced one or more issues, poor customer service such as delayed or no support desk feedback, disputes about annual licence fees, or they might have had to deal with unprofessional call centre agents. 

 Similarly, they may have been frustrated by excessive holding time, no follow-up, or priority support that simply doesn’t feel like it is a priority. In addition, too often, they have dealt with feedback that feels generic or scripted, which leads to feeling a lack of human connection and a genuine interest in their problem.

Anyone who has experienced these issues may need to consider changing their provider. Customers are looking for human interaction where they want to feel as if they are really understood and heard by a business.  

 When they are looking for genuine problem-solving assistance with an issue they are having, they want to pick up the phone and speak directly with a human being. PaySpace understands that staying ‘human’ connected with people, and maintaining a real human touch, is key to building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with its customers. 

 What PaySpace offers 

At the same time, PaySpace offers real payroll experts at the touch of a button. We offer an intuitive, simple-to-use online user experience for everyone, from payroll practitioners to end-users with no HR or payroll experience.  

Our solution features automated processes as well as guidance from in-product help functions, which supports payroll and HR divisions to process information quickly and accurately. 

One example of this is that all legislation is automatically automated and updated by PaySpace, meaning that customers do not have to worry about understanding complex legislative rules and will always be on the latest and correct version of the tax tables. However, if they experience any issues, help is only seconds away. 

Moreover, PaySpace understands the complexities surrounding certain entities’ pay structures and that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to approaching payroll.  

This is also why we offer customer support through various channels, to ensure that all our customers can communicate with us in the way that suits them and can receive feedback, as time is often of the essence when it comes to payroll.  

We can’t simply assume that everyone wants to speak to someone in person or prefers a web-based chat service for assistance. So we offer support via various channels, namely live phone support, email support, Pacey or WhatsApp for ESS, and in-product support. 

Why are people changing to PaySpace? 

Companies are changing to PaySpace in record numbers due to the company’s best-in-class payroll support and customer services, which break records on a monthly basis in terms of growth. At PaySpace, the support we offer is the differentiator. 

Looking at some of the figures, a staggering 95% of PaySpace’s customers indicate that they would refer PaySpace to family and friends. In addition, when surveyed after interacting with our support team, 96% of our customers were satisfied with the service they received. And it’s easy to see why because, on average, support calls are answered within 31 seconds, and our support team strives to ensure a first response time on support tickets within 15 minutes. 

What customer services offerings does PaySpace offer?

We offer Standard Support for all customers who have South Africa as a tax country and Africa Support for all other African countries excluding South Africa.  

Drilling down, PaySpace also offers Priority Support, which is a personalised support service channel that allows customers the option to speak to a select support team each time they need assistance. This results in the Priority Support Consultants having a complete understanding of the customer’s setup and background and being able to form close relationships with them. 

Finally, through the capabilities of PaySpace software, the company’s support team can view all its customers’ configuration settings, unique setup criteria, organisation and employee data directly from its support centre and, as a result, can offer advice or support in an instant. This dramatically reduces the time taken to resolve any query or issue.  

PaySpace is a payroll provider that provides various support channels and automatic legislative updates to its users. We genuinely care about the importance of ease of use and access to assistance. To find out more about why the best payroll support is brought to you by PaySpace, contact our team of experts and ensure your payroll process runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.