• The Microsoft Teams PaySpace App enables you to swiftly explore who is on leave without having to login to PaySpace.
  • This App is available for FREE to all PaySpace customers with Microsoft Teams licenced software, viewable via any mobile device.

All in one easy display


Team or Company View

You can easily navigate to view either your internal team’s availability status or the entire company calendar – all in one visual display. Filters allow you to customise your calendar, while an Employee Search tab allows for quick employee lookup.

How to add PaySpace to MS Teams

  • 1
    Search for the PaySpace App within the MS Teams platform by clicking the 3 dots.
  • 2
    Select the PaySpace App
  • 3
    Click Add.
  • 4
    Authorise the integration by logging in with your PaySpace credentials.
  • 5
    The PaySpace icon will appear on the left-hand side of the taskbar.
  • 6
    Right-click the PaySpace icon and “Pin” it to your taskbar.
  • 7
    When viewing the PaySpace App in MS Teams, calendar entries are colour coded for quick and easy viewing for your direct team and shown as out of office for non-team members.

To set up the PaySpace app in Microsoft Teams so that it appears for all users automatically, you can set up a policy in the Microsoft Teams App setup policies section.  Please follow this link to get this done: Click Here