Niger ANPE Increase

Niger ANPE Increase

Employers in the para-public and private sectors are informed that the rate of the employer contribution, for the benefit of the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment (ANPE) has increased from 0.5% to 1% of the payroll subject to social contributions, from 1 January 2024. This is in accordance with Decree No. 2023-258/P/CNSP/MFP/T/E of 3 November 2023, modifying and supplementing Decree No. 2002-277/PRN/MFP /T of 29 November 2002, setting the rate of employers’ contribution to the ANPE budget.

Said contribution is recovered by the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) according to the same terms as social contributions.

Click here for the Decree No. 2023-258/P/CNSP/MFP/T/E.

Impact of the Niger ANPE Increase on PaySpace

  • The change to the percentage for the Employment Promotion Agency (ANPE) component has been implemented on the system effective 01 January 2024.
  • All Niger customer payrolls have been recalculated.
  • No other statutory changes have been announced.

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