Online Payroll Administration Courses

Online Payroll Administration Courses

We offer payroll administration courses because we understand the importance thereof. As with most professions, it is preferred and necessary for a payroll administrator to successfully complete the required courses to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to perform their tasks correctly. This leaves one wondering which online payroll administration course one should opt for and what the course should cover.

Why You Need Payroll Certification

As payroll is a process that involves a lot of legalities, every aspect must comply with the relevant laws surrounding it. This refers to things such as minimum wage, overtime pay, leave, and much more. It is vital that one’s payroll administrator has knowledge of the laws and how they would impact a business. It is also important for a payroll administrator to keep up to date with the newest laws and acts as they are updated. Thus, it is not only important for a payroll administrator to complete their initial certification, but also to continue going on refresher courses.

What is the Best Certification for Payroll?

It is important to choose payroll administration courses that not only explains the role of a payroll administrator but that also comprehensively covers everything you need to become a trusted and knowledgeable payroll administrator. A well-designed course should include:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act: Also known as the BCEA, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates the requirements for a fair and just working environment. Ultimately indicating what is expected from both employees and employers.
  • Working Hours: There are a lot of details that go into fair daily, weekly, and monthly working hours. It is also important to know all of the legalities that surround over time and the financial implication of that.
  • Leave: It is vital as a payroll administrator to know all of the laws surrounding leave in South Africa. Whether it be annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, or study leave, each has its place and should be readily available to employees when needed.
  • Skills Development Act: It is important to expand and improve upon an employee’s skills and knowledge base, ensuring that productivity and employment improve within South Africa.
  • Occupational Injuries and Disease: If an employee is injured while at, and due to work, it is important to understand and react in the appropriate way, as defined by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993.
  • Income Tax Act: As is to be expected, understanding and remaining compliant with the South African Income Tax Act is extremely important and should be adhered to at all times.
  • UIF: Also referred to as the Unemployment Insurance Fund, every employer is required to ensure that their employees are registered for UIF.
  • Employment Contract Requirements: It is unbelievably important to ensure that all employment contracts have the required information to make them legally binding and compliant with the employment laws in South Africa.
  • Employment Termination: The process of termination is a tricky one and it is imperative to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to do so legally in order to avoid negative repercussions.

Where Can I Study Payroll Administration in South Africa?

PaySpace has the perfect payroll administration course available that will ensure you are equipped with everything you need to perform your job correctly and efficiently. It even allows you to return on a regular basis to keep up to date with new developments surrounding payroll.

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