PaySpace Completes Workday Global Payroll Certified Integration

PaySpace Workday

Payroll and HR software leader PaySpace, a Workday (NASDAQ:WDAY) access software partner, today announced that it has achieved Workday Global Payroll Certified status. PaySpace provides customers with an integration that connects Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with PaySpace.

Benefits of the partnership

Workday HCM is a single system that enables organisations to make faster decisions, gain operational visibility, prepare for future talent shifts and build effective teams. PaySpace enables organisations to integrate Workday with PaySpace using a pre-configured Workday integration system.

The Workday integration system is scheduled to send all the necessary changes related to personal information, position, compensation, leave of absence, banking, earnings, cost allocation, and time tracking, to PaySpace, at a frequency that suits the customer.

Workday and PaySpace worked together to ensure that a robust integration system was developed, and customers can now simply import the integration system into their tenant and make minor modifications to make the connector functional.

PaySpace also provides comprehensive implementation and user guides that assist in the setup and successful use of the integration, and admin users will receive an audit report every time the integration runs to confirm the status of all changes.

This integration is readily available, which helps reduce the costs associated with developing, deploying, integrating, and managing a custom integration to PaySpace. And, because primary integrations are maintained by Workday’s partners and certified as interoperable with Workday, customers will no longer have to worry about keeping custom developed integrations up to date.

Positive feedback on the partnership

“Astron Energy, a leading supplier of petroleum products with a workforce across South Africa, operates on a fully functional interface between Workday and PaySpace. This has resulted in 80% of our manual tasks being automated and streamlined operations between HR and business. Improved data integrity means that our HR forecasting and planning is accurate with master data available in one place,” says Charmaine Lemao, General Manager, HR at Astron Energy.

More information on PaySpace’s integration can be found on the Workday Marketplace, which provides easy access to solutions built by Workday and its software and content partners.