Ignition and

A complete and cost-effective deployment approach to enable small businesses to adopt and utilise PaySpace immediately.

Quick and fast payroll implementations for small business

The PaySpace Ignition and Lift-off offer is a complete and cost-effective deployment approach to enable small businesses, with up to 150 employees, to adopt and utilise PaySpace “immediately”.

With PaySpace, you are choosing the next generation Payroll and HR solution for your business to grow faster with enabling technologies. “Go where your business takes you”, with anytime access to secure Payroll and HR Services to empower your teams.

Key benefits for your organisation

A natural fit for customers to support all your core Payroll and HR processes within one single solution.

Ensure compliance and visibility by providing real-time, secure Payroll and Core HR data for with standard dashboards, self-service intelligence, and reporting tools.

Ensure higher employee retention and engagement with end-user self-service Payroll and HR services.

Go where your business takes you, with anytime access to PaySpace Payroll and HR services.

Effectiveness and efficiency are complemented by technology capability. Reduce Payroll and HR support with improved functionality to support Payroll and Core HR processes.

Reduce and mitigate the demand for in-house IT staff, by opting for a 24/7 accessible cloud solution, meeting the best security and performance standards at an affordable and consumption-based billing model.

Expand your business to new markets or geographies, and manage your compliance easily, with a highly scalable and multi-national solution.

Easily adapt to business requirements with quick configuration to support the changes in your business.

PaySpace solutions allow our customers easy scalability and configurability for any size business.

Featuring personalised employee self service and rich APIs that allow integration with any 3rd party system, more and more customers have access to an affordable, multi-currency, multi-language, yet easy to use solution to manage their people and their payrolls.

As one of the only ISO27001 certified Payroll solutions in Africa, compliance and statutory reporting is taken care of in more than 40 countries across the African continent and beyond. Whether you are looking for a SaaS or outsourcing solution, why not join our growing customer base to accurately process your payroll, whatever your needs.

fast payroll implementation

We offer various online payroll and compliance training options to meet your needs.

From eLearning at your own pace to virtual classroom training; whether you are new to PaySpace or an experienced user; our courses follow a basic, advanced and practical design to expand your PaySpace knowledge. Join our expert lecturers in an informal and hands-on approach to support you in becoming proficient on PaySpace. We also have an array of tutorial video guides available to share some quick, practical tips.

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