Advantages of Online Payroll and How it Affects Your Business

advantages of online payroll

What are the advantages of Online Payroll? It might not seem like it at first glance, but payroll can make or break a business. It can influence employee satisfaction, drastically affect finances, and determine whether you are compliant with current legislation or not.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of online payroll systems and how such a system can help your business succeed. 

The Advantages of Online Payroll

There are many advantages that an online payroll system can provide a business. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, online payroll is the way to go and here is why: 

Remote Access 

Both payroll administrators and employees can access the system remotely. Thus, your payroll administrator need not be at the office to perform their payroll duties. Employees can also access their payslips and anything they might need at any time and from anywhere. All that is needed is internet access. 


Most online payroll systems have an employee self-service portal that can be securely accessed via a password. Therefore, they will not have to wait until they can make contact with the payroll department to receive and submit proof of investment or declare their income tax. 

Compliance & Accuracy 

Online payroll systems should have the newest legislation embedded into the software of the program. This will ensure that your compliance is always up to date. The accuracy of payroll should also increase as there is a reduced chance of human error occurring, due to many of the tasks being automated. 


Payroll is complicated and can take longer if done manually. Online payroll software will drastically speed up the process, as one does not have to check the work a thousand times. Once again the key to this is the automation that this software provides.  

Increased Employee Satisfaction 

As the accuracy, compliance, and efficiency of payroll increases, there will also be an increase in employee satisfaction. This is due to the fact that payments will never be late and the amount paid to employees will be correct each and every time. 


Because payroll is completed more efficiently one can reduce the number of employees working on payroll. This will save the company money in the long run. 

Easy to Use 

Online payroll systems are very easy to use and do not require special training. It also allows those who do not necessarily have an accounting background to complete payroll without difficulty.  

Increase Security 

If an online payroll system is cloud-native then it will increase the level of security with which one’s data is guarded. This allows you as the business owner to have peace of mind that there will not be an information leak or a loss of data. 

A Customisable Option

 Online payroll systems allow for customisation. No business is the same and therefore no payroll system should be the same. Payroll should be customisable to provide your business with the best processes and results possible. 

PaySpace Provides all the Online Payroll Benefits and More

PaySpace is an online payroll system that is cloud native. It is able to provide all of the above-mentioned benefits and more, ensuring that your business has a payroll solution that truly works. Contact our team to find out more about how PaySpace can benefit your company. Let us help you fully realize the advantages of online payroll.