Payroll Automation Software: Why You Should Invest In the Newest Payroll Technology

Payroll Automation

The discovery and implementation of automation have changed our world for the better. We have become more efficient and have more and more time to engage in innovation and creativity as menial and repetitive tasks are being taken over by technology. 

In this article, we will discuss how payroll automation software can change your payroll practices and why you should invest in the newest payroll technology on the market.

Can Payroll Be Automated?   

Yes!! Payroll can be automated. There are companies like PaySpace that specialise in developing and deploying payroll software in businesses, that automate the complex and tedious task of payroll. All one has to do to automate your payroll process is investigate which software would best suit you and sign up with the automation provider you feel most comfortable with. 

What is Payroll Automation?

As a basic definition, payroll automation is described as using technological advances such as computers to produce paychecks, make payments, and manage other accounting tasks. 

PaySpace takes this further by providing its users with a simple to use, automated, software system, that is cloud-native. This ensures that no backups have to be performed while continuous calculations and legislative updates are taking place; making the entire process as simple and accurate as possible while maintaining compliance. 

Payroll Automation Benefits

There are many benefits that a company and HR department can experience by automating their payroll process. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Time Effective: There are many tasks that make up the payroll process. By automating payroll, some of these tasks will not have to be performed manually by an employee. This saves time in the long run ensuring a deadline is never missed. 
  • Increased Accuracy: Making use of automation software reduces the chances of human errors occurring as there aren’t as many steps in which humans perform a task manually. 
  • Safety and Security: As PaySpace is cloud-native there is increased security when it comes to record privacy. We are ISO 27001 Certified, ensuring your information is always protected. 
  • Ease of Use: PaySpace is user-friendly while allowing users to gather information into understandable reports in the blink of an eye. 
  • Simplicity: Tax and payroll are complicated, so why not make use of anything and everything that can simplify the process? PaySace has embedded code that ensures any legislative updates are implemented immediately, ensuring you are always compliant. 
  • Record Keeping: it is important to keep pay records as proof when working with payroll. Automation software ensures that you never lose an important record or document. 
  • Employee Access: Employees can access their payslips and update their information themselves from most devices. 

To find out more about how PaySpace can transform your payroll process and improve your HR department, contact our team and receive a detailed explanation of how we can help you!

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